25 December 2010

Well Done,Bro!

I think it's not too late to wish this to someone.I wanna wish a heart-full congratulations to my younger brother who just brought a really good news to our family.He managed to make us proud with him for a really spectacular PMR result. He managed to get straight 9A's in his PMR examination.Now he's the top ranker in our family members since I only got 8A's while my elder brother got 7A's.Seriously I'm really proud with his achievement.He has proved us the family wrong cos we didn't give much expectation on him.Sorry for that.lol.

Well done Wan Ahmad Shah! Wait for my big surprise for you!

your brother,

22 December 2010

Hot Stuff Enough

The title sounds controversial,isn't?lol.It's nothing actually.Someone has tagged me in her latest post on her blog.That someone is Mira,a friend from college.Truth be told,I'm not really into this tag stuff actually.I prefer to write something serious.no,not "that" serious.just something about myself.But sometimes it's pretty fun to "write" this kind of post on the blog.Let's get it started yaw!
[1] 3 Names in your inbox cellphone
 Eyliana Elias 
Rabiha Awanis
Fasihah Suhada
[2] Your main ringtone?
I put my BB on silent most of the time.Okay,fine there's something wrong with its speaker actually.haha
[3] What U did at 12 last night?
had a talk with my brother while watching TV box
[4] Who was the last person U went out with?Where?
None.I don't have friends here in my hometown.pity me.
[5] The color of T-shirt you're wearing now?
 black and red checked shirt
[6] The last thing you did?
Posted a new update on my blog ;)
[7] 3 of your everyday favorite items?
[8] The color of your bedroom
pure white.(is there any of this kind of color?)
[9] How much money in your wallet now?
50 cents.I'm totally broke.
[10] Your favorite song?
Secret by One Republic.an everyday must listen song
[11] What will you do next weekend?
go out for movie and some shopping and a visit to a friend's place for Christmas
[12] When was the last time U saw Ur Mum?
5 min back
{13] Where is she now?
Living room.

21 December 2010

Scrabbling Thoughts

Here comes a delivery straight from the heart of misery.I have nothing to write actually.none.my mind is blank filled with loopholes waiting for some random thoughts to find their way out.Let's start writing some stuff then.

(...............hold on,what I was gonna do just now?lol)

Oh yeah,I'm gonna scrabble some thoughts into words.

Holidays gonna end soon.very soon.I got around two weeks left before I start my new days in college.I really miss piles of assignments,mounting of works to do in just one night.These whole thing define me as a student.I'm not doing anything at home after all.

18 December 2010

Hey,That's Me!

We need to upl0ad the cute pink jelly above.

2)Then, put a picture 0f 0urselves.

3)Then, f0ll0wed by s0me intr0ducti0n ab0ut 0urselves.

4)Then, a wishlist f0r December.

4)Put the title 'itu aku' f0r this entry!

5)Finally, tag an0ther 5 pers0n :)

 2) Picture perfect memories.

3) I am who I am.I don't need people to judge me.It's is strictly prohibited,in fact.Enough said.

4) December's-to-do

=write as many posts as I can..working on it.
=get a new watch,messenger bag and a few tees..check!
=find a way to get rid of fucking acne's scars on my face..damn, it's hard!
=go to my best friend's place,hazman..check!
=book a ticket to KL..check!
=soccer's jersey..still looking.
=read any thick books (novel particularly) available..still finding.
=christmas at a friend's place..looking forward to it.
=movie marathon..check!
=hanging out with Alia,Dowl and some others..oh can't wait. 
=counting the days for freshmen year in college..still counting.

5)  here goes the list:

17 December 2010

Live Update

I'm currently at a good friend's place (Besut for that matter),Hazman with another good friend of mine,Edan for a short hiatus.Nay,it's not really a hiatus.Hazman invited us for a 'solat hajat' ceremony at his house for unknown purpose.Right I didn't actually asked him what was  the purpose of the ceremony.haha.Okay blame me for that.Sleep over at his place is for sure.It'll be just a two day holidays only.Edan need to work while I've got something else to do as well.

Since this is a live update so it'll just only a brief post.I'm gonna spend this two days hiatus well.

I'm penning off.So long!

15 December 2010

Alter Ego Unearthed

Hello peeps, how are ya? Duhh.. Sounds so lame isnt? Lol.

................... (its been few minutes, i don't know what to write, lol)

Okay,here's the thing.I spend most of my time like 24 hours a day on net cos I've got nothing else during this freaking boring holidays.Of cos Face-to-the-book is a must logged in website daily.Seriously,it's like I can't live without this freakishly addictive social network platform. I gotta admit that I don't really make connection with the people on my friend list.Most of the time I go online, I would check out my notifications (if there any lol) and just read some crappy statuses wrote by them then I would lost on cyberspace.Thus,I will just start clicking Home repeatedly once I've got nothing to do haha.Oh come on, admit it,you did the same thing as well right?Come on,don't be shy with me haha.

Okay stop this shit out of facebook now.I'm gonna write about something else actually.Still related to facebook haha.Okay, just like I mentioned just now,I didn't make much connection with people online so I did something else.something else in the mean of once I totally get bored with it.Facebook is stuffed with bunch of applications like quizzes and all (you know the lists) cos they know we would end up doing nothing at last. I did a lot of quizzes stuff.So,here's the story.I happened to answer one quiz regarding personality and I got an outstanding result out of it.I'm not saying that I solely believe it yet I can't deny any of it.Right,let's get to the point.The most highlighted personality of my life is the quiz says that I'm an outgoing.So yeah peeps I'm and outgoing guy.Get to know me first if you don't believe it.There's more of it.I'll start penning it down now.

13 December 2010


I was tagged by a best friend of mine:Nani.now, it's my turn to tag somebody else haha. so nah hamek kau.

1. adakah anda rasa anda hot?
I can't say it myself even if Imma hot stuff.lol
Neraka lagi hot btw.

2. update wallpaper yang anda guna sekarang.
you mean on my laptop?
picture of some building reflection on the surface of water.
nak tengok ke?
nay,tak payah lah,it's just some random photos taken from phone

3. cerita about this picture.
took the picture when I went jogging with some friends.dah lama dah

4. kali terakhir makan pizza.
two days ago.home movies and pizza is just an awesome partner.
you should try it sometime ;)

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar.
Rocketeer.Ryan Tedder ft Far East Movement

6. Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ni?
2.Layan album Usher 
3.Counting the days for something

7. selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa?

teteyh(my nieces)

tag lg 5 org.

10 December 2010

The 100 Not So Ugly Truths!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Tagged means "I'm interested in knowing what are your 100 truths" 

1. Last beverage: a glass of fresh orange ;)
2. Last phone call:my mom.asking her to buy me some food.LOL
3. Last text message:Syahrul I'd
4. Last song you listened to: The Truth by Kris Allen.aww how ironic :D
5. Last time you cried:5 months ago.if i'm not mistaken

Have you ever:
6. Dated someone twice: i won't fall in love to someone I've dumped hahaha
7. Been cheated on: i don't know.I can't say anything about it
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: never regretted it ;p
9. Lost someone special: i guess so haha
10. Been depressed: duh.you won't call it life if it ain't no depression
11. Been drunk and thrown up: never

List 3 favorite colors:
12. black
13. orange
14. white

This year have you:
15. Made a new friend: absolutely ;)
16. Fallen out of love: that's nature
17. Laughed until you cried: yep!
18. Met someone who changed you: yes.apparently changing me into a bad guy in other ppl eyes.well screw him!
19. Found out who your true friends were: definitely yes!
20. Found out someone was talking about you: i don't give a damn about that
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: err should i tell the truth?LOL.nay,never
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life:98% of them.i'm gonna delete those aliens soon haha
23. How many kids do you want: minimum:2 max:2.if i were to get married lah kan ;D
24. Do you have any pets: used to! hamster but he died due to depression.see they are like us.they have feelings
25. Do you want to change your name:thanks.but no thanks
26. What did you do for your last birthday: we had a week early celebration.me,alia and akma.thanks guys.
27. What time did you wake up today: since i slept at dawn so i woke up at 1.die hard habit,people!
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: went out and spent some times talking to friends till 4 am eheh
30. Last time you saw your Mother: when I got back from the mosque
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: none.I'm just gonna live with it
32. What are you listening to right now:nothing.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: you mean Tom from myspace?haha
34. Who's getting on your nerves right now: no one
35. Most visited webpage: this freakishly addictive website of cos!
36. Whats your real name? Syarifuddin
37. Nickname: syariffs,shy,pudeen :)
38. Relationship Status: single....not looking!
39. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
40. Male or female: Male
41. Primary School: SK Mekasar
42. Middle School: MRSM Pengkalan Chepa
43. High school/college: IB and will be in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa soon.
44. Hair color: black
45. Long or short: I don't have much time to measure it hahaha
46. Height: pretty tall.I'm taller than my dad woot woot!
47. Do you have a crush on someone: used to have one but now nothing could crash on me
48: What do you like about yourself: I'm an extrovert
49. Piercings: nope
50. Tattoos: soon to come.where is it.oh yeah on my butt.hahaha.LOL kidding

I Could Really Use Wish Right Now

Christmas is coming in about two weeks.Don't be surprised,I'm not gonna celebrate it of course but I do visit my friends' place to see how they celebrate it and got some presents too!The more the merrier peeps!Well on this festive season I also have my own wish list.I don't have much to wish,I only have one item on my list.I am really dying to own one thing.One device to be exact and I want THIS so badly:


Yes folks,I want a DSLR camera so badly.I was madly fell in love with it since when I was still a high schooler and I still am.I don't mind not getting a pricey one since I'm still a newbie or let say a noob and I've got lot to learn yet.Too many things that I need to explore;to a be a photographer.I'm an amateur yet a professional soon-to-be.haha.I think that's clear enough,I don't have to explain further.Anyway, I'm so gonna get this as soon as I can.

I wish Santa Claus does really exist so that he can give me this for free.hahaha.
Okay,kidding ;)

08 December 2010

Hi Bang,Air Karat Ada?

I don't know why I'm writing this and why do I even write about it.I tend to write something which is not worth to debate about which is really insignificant.People won't just waste their time to debate about it though.Oh yeah,this is my blog people,my blog.I write anything I want without needing people to judge about it.save your comments to someone else.I'll be cool if you say something sensible.So we are already in school holidays for about three hellish weeks.Of course school kids won't feel anything about it.Holidays are something that they are really looking forward to.We all used to be kids back then,you know how meaningful holidays to you right.But then I'm not gonna talk about it.Let's talk about something else.

Spending my time in my hometown alarmed me on something that caught my eyes which happened to those school kids who are enjoying and wasting their times riding motorcycles heading to nowhere.Back and forth like a JKR worker,measuring the length of the road Hahaha.Their hairdos caught my eyes actually.I don't know what happened to kids nowadays.I don't mind if they wanna wear their hair punk,bangs or anything they want but they did something else.they seem to dye their hair with dark colors like dark brown,copper and even blond!LOL.

07 December 2010

Roller Coaster of Emotions

I just realized that I graduated high school two years back.It was like yesterday.Struggling and studying like a mad dog to excel in SPM with a mounting competition. How fast time rockets!Now, I went back there;yesterday.My old high school was the place I reached; Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Pengkalan Chepa to claim my SPM certificates.I don't know why I need this piece of paper.No one ever gave me the exact reason for that but we still need it after all.

the old school!

I almost forgot of how much I missed this place so damn much after two years left unattended.How sentimental I feel when I set my foot back there.The old memories came racing and marching in my head.I could see myself smiling when looking back at the place I used to be.I never thought the place I used to hate before peopled in my head's wall.I hated it because of the competition.How do I needed to race with Einstein-gene students during my schooling time.It was two hellish years for that.Let me tell you folks,the competition in my school back then was more torturing than my college now.In fact,I don't think I have any.No,seriously.

06 December 2010

Saint or Sinner ?

I have no idea why I'm writing this for real.Ah,forget it.this is my blog and I'm the speaker here.I write what I want and speak as the mind beholds.Oh,the title is totally insignificant with this post.Don't waste your time to debate about it. LOL

I have nothing particular to write actually.I just wanna say that I'm moving on with my life and from now on I won't let someone's insensitive behavior to dictate my moods since I am a grown up so I can live my life in a positive way.I won't let hatred to grow its selfish seed beneath my heart.I can't let myself living in hatred and resentment to someone cos I know it'll irrelevant at the end of the day.How handsome life is if we really appreciate it.go through it as it flows.

05 December 2010

Throwing Temper Tantrum

I get mad, I get angry for no reason sometimes,I fucked up with some friends,I feel disappointed with myself.All these things make my anger boil to the infinity level. The tantrum won't stop orbiting the rage anger.Not to brag, I think that I can control my anger switch well.it won't turn on automatically without me switch it on myself.I can manage it well.It's not fragile though.What I meant is I don't throw my tantrum to the person I'm pissed off with.I don't do it cos I care about their feeling.Instead,I put it on papers.That's why I write blog.

I write about people around me.How I live and how I feel about them. Don't get mad if I happen to write something about you cos I know you deserve it.I won't write about someone for no reason.They obviously had done something to me until made me fucked up with them.I take them down online.It's my blog after all.None has the right to stop me from penning down anything I want.Oh how Shakespeare I am. I'm gonna stop this crap now.

I'm not throwing my tantrum to anyone cos I'm not mad at them.I'm mad at myself actually.I had done something.Something which made me look like a fool to someone.Something which I was not supposed to commit at the first place.How schmuck I was to do something like that.Yes,I am angry and disappointed with  myself,really.Let me get straight.

03 December 2010

Misfigured Label

Firstly everyone should know that i am 19-year-old young stud.in less than a month i'm gonna be 20.leaving teen years don't make me old.age is just number.i'm still a young flesh, in fact.being youthful means you got yet a lot to experience and feel in your life.you tend to be up-to-date with current trends,all the thing you know is to have fun,being around with people you love and so on.you have curious heart where you wanna feel everything you find interesting and fun.

how Flinstone some people are,who are lost to the current trends who can't see people getting along with the flow.they tend to criticize or belittle those who are modern enough.poor them.one good instance is the hair people wearing now.guys keen to have a medium length or bangs;an obvious example is Justin Bieber like.picture it yourself.i'm wearing this kind of hair now (see the photo?).i'm comfortable since then.i love keeping my hair medium-length since bieber has not existed people.don't ever say that i'm trying to be like the kid!

02 December 2010

Dua Ribu Lima Ratus

Dua ribu lima ratus gram lemak sudah berjaya diternak sepanjang dua minggu cuti.ya,itu baru dua minggu dan cuti masih berbaki empat minggu.perlu mengusahakan sesuatu.mengurangkan aktiviti menyumbat sebanyak mungkin makanan di dalam mulut.itu adalah penyelesaiannya.adakah usaha itu akan berjaya?mungkin.kita lihat nanti.

jerawat pun sudah bercambah dengan baik.muka sudah jadi macam gunung berapi yang baru meletus.parut-parut yang sungguh menyakitkan hati.

sudah lama tidak menulis dalam bahasa melayu.

She's Nowhere to Be Found

Because she doesn't even exist and she's no one.

29 November 2010

The Heart Never Lies

Instinct.One word which may lead to angel or demon of the life.choose it wisely.there's no turning point when you chose the road less traveled.instinct is the heart language where it speaks to us when we ask him.it's either you follow what your heart say or not.my thought keep saying the heart never lies.you should not turn your face against it when your hearts begins to utter its powerful words.pure words which come underneath your own breath stored under the rib cage.

speaking of heart,i happen to regain myself alone,started to brood over and then one tiny piece of memory came flying without wings.mostly i will brood over my friends people whom i always spend my time with.the tiny memory opened up it's scratchy cover of an old friend of mine.we used to be really closed with each other.best friends i would say.now we are being just friends ( i guess).

28 November 2010

Too Soon to Teach

You see the picture?know what it is?let me answer it for you.nay,you can figure out yourself.my hellish holiday has been finally filled up with something.I got a job offer and I took it immediately.actually i have been offered with the same job thrice.which is teaching at a tuition center;English of course.the first one in Bangi nearby my house,then in Gombak;quite distant from my place so i ditched it,finally i got another offer here in my hometown in Kelantan.

it was really a good thing cos i thought i might not be able to work anymore since i'm spending my holidays here.thanks to my sister for recommending me to the owner of the center ;) the job sounded simple at first; all i need to do was imparting them with some English basics particularly grammar then i will ask them to finish up the exercise in the book given.heard what i should do, i told myself it was an easy job knitted with proud feel at heart since i felt that i am a teacher trainee so it was not a big deal to teach kids (standard 5 and 6 are still considered as kids).

26 November 2010

Blog Addict

Quite many things happen in life lately.it's kinda make my life turned upside down.boredom keeps hunting,unstable biological clock; i'm becoming a werewolf hunting for prey at night.well literally.i can't shut my eye lid even for a second every night. i will just end up sleeping after dawn prayer where people just wake up to start their job and all but i'm living the other way.*sigh*.misunderstanding with a friend which led to a cold war that made words being swallowed.not even a word is spitted till now.thing has changed.each has moved with their own life.wallet which only brings RM3.how am i gonna live this freaking life people?you tell me.

Endless Doubt

Please, spit a word, at least

doubt will just lead to another scenario

show the sincerity from the bottom of the heart

screw the ego and hide it beneath the pants

word of sorry is uttered

what else then?

i just can't understand some people out there.i don't get it,really.

25 November 2010

Wrap Up

I don't have much to say.sudah penat merapu.so i'm just gonna put as much photos as i can as a wrap up throughout one and a half year of my foundation studies.lots of great things happened as well as the worse.

let's begin with the freshie years or the first semester.I think I don't have much photos during this time.never mind let's dig up. i will just put some random photos of us.

23 November 2010

Self Condemnation

As we grow older we experience so many things in life.either good or bad.we get through life without knowing the forth consequences.dude, stop the lame rambling.okay fine.

i have lived on this baked earth for nearly twenty years.so many things happened.i went to school,college and soon i'll have my own career.

lets not talk about my boring life here cos i got a better thing to tell you.not to tell.just share.isn't that the same thing? quit this crap now,will ya?

22 November 2010

Slow Death

I'm technically broke.I got no financial resources so far.staying in kampung is making my life more horrible.i'm living in hell baby! i have no place to go.like the most interesting place to go is bowling,karaoke and i don't know what else. for God's sake i really need to go to cinema.unfortunately there's no cinemas here.i wanna see movies so badly.i'm supposed to watch Harry Potter on the first day of its premiere but then.sigh.blame my decision for deciding to tag along with others to go back to the hometown.

19 November 2010

False Definition

Let's look at the ticking clock,oh holy crap! it's 4.00 am in the morning and i'm still wide awake.the word friendship keeps spinning around my head right now.speaking about friendship makes me driven in the term best friends.i have no idea why but i just can't stop thinking about it.

it came crossing on my mind how some people define this word.different people have distinctive perspectives about it and yeah i know that.the most cliche definition is best friends must always stick with you together even to the toilet, well, literally.for me it's a wrong crappy definition.

as for me, i define it in a more simple way.best friends don't have to be with you every time.keep in touch with each other is good enough or keep updating each other's life frequently.it doesn't have to be the other way around like you must go out together every time and other things that associated.seriously,it's not me.that's why i'm easy to make best friends or perhaps i don't have any.lmao.just kidding.i got plenty of them.some of them might not even i consider me as their best friend though i did otherwise to them but never mind.let's just live the life.So peeps please don't give me any false definition about best friends.



I'm dead meat man.I finally get caught by my dad.obviously i'm gonna have to confront him and make an unholy confession to him.so yeah i'm fucking freaking out dude.i was such a fool leaving the bag left unzipped.never thought someone would accidentally open it up.argh!damn it! "don't ever get close or even be friends with any smokers"okay,itu kata-kata hikmat seorang ayah kepada anaknya.then turned out to be he found that his own beloved son is a smoker.can you actually imagine that?for sure he will be damn disappointed with me and not to mention i kinda broke his heart though.he didn't have the chance to meet and talk with me today cos i woke up late and he's been busy with his own business.

i know at my age level, i'm legal to smoke.no one can actually object it.but when it comes to parents,there's another matter to talk about.no parents will allow their children to smoke (duh! obviously).they might already know you are a smoker and cool about it yet deep in heart i know they are actually hurt.

let's skip to the end.initially, i thought my mom took my cigarettes but she actually didn't.it was my dad! i went to his bedroom and dug up the dustbin and found the box of guilty pleasure in it.i couldn't save any of it though.it's all broken into pieces.like a stick of candy being broke into parts.my fear was mounting after that. wondering what i'm gonna tell my dad.eventually,i promised myself not to take the cancer sticks anymore cos i know i'll break his heart again and again.i hope i can keep this promise and it ain't become an empty phrase.

broke into pieces

Sorry Dad :(

17 November 2010

Wrong Choice

I was given an option either wanna stay in KL or pack my stuff to celebrate raya in my hometown. i kinda wanna stay home cos i planned to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows on the first day of its premiere.turned out to be i insincerely packed my stuff and stuck it up into the car;ready to go back to Kelantan which was a bad decision due a certain reason.

15 November 2010

Unwishful Valediction

That's it.the time has come.has come for me to leave this place err college like,forever.after struggling like hell for one and a half year.foundation years tell so many sugary memories of me and my friends here.a picture can't even tells a thousand story of it.so many things happened.the best and of cos the worst.let alone the worst cos i'm not gonna say who's good and who's bad here.i'm writing for my whole friends particularly best friends who we got through our life thick and thin.

11 November 2010

Burghal Bail Out

burnt out with city life and was dying out of boredom in this spooky hostel, a friend of mine popped out with an outing idea.since we didn't have papers anymore after the first two papers (finals won't stop us from going out and having fun ha ha). he gave me a wake up call on a fine-papers-free wednesday which only one plan is set up; sleep without any distractions! i was just ok with that plan after all since i had nothing to do that day. Ulu Yam recreation park (sort of it) was the destination to reach.
parental advisory.18sx.lol

we rented a car nearby our college.rm50 per day.that wasn't cost much since we shared with four persons.all guys of course.the car conditions was pretty astray from my expectation though. i expected it to be shiny,well-serviced,smoothly run engined but turned out to be it was a nearly a piece-of-junk to be.LOL.thank God it could still run on the road. it was such an acquaintance driving that kind of car. since we are the geography-blind guys it took us nearly 3 hours to reach there which supposedly takes one and half hour cos none of us knew the exact way of the place!memang gamble ar.*salah jalan mula meracau cari u-turn*

25 October 2010

When Karma Speaks

This is just another sequel from this previous post.ceh macam movie sequel la pulak.poyo betul.abaikan.

Some says truth is just the only way to resolve any problems but apparently some of them might not be able to accept it lightheartedly. In fact, will deny it hard.that's the fact though.most of us believe in karma where people often say what goes around comes around.you got my point there.i myself believe in karma.well at least some parts of it. i can't trust its whole parts because i don't really immerse into it well.karma could be a myth perhaps?

14 October 2010

Bop Up Scrutiny

November is coming in just less than three weeks.synonymously, final examination is approaching.this is bad man. yet i haven't occupy myself with anything required for the papers.wonder when i'm gonna start studying.am i gonna do revision on my own or wait for my friends to study in a group.what would they say if i get ready for the exam alone.i might not be the best student in this college but somehow they need me to study together with them.perhaps they prefer this style of studying.after all it's a good thing though.well at least, we could have a groupthink so that we won't miss any points discussed and learned during lecture.

05 October 2010

Socially Retarded

Life is getting busy with stuff.My october's schedule is ridiculously packed with:
  1. Assignments (WTF once!)
  2. R&D Exhibition (WTF twice!)
  3. Preparation for the coming final exam (WTF thrice!)    
My head feels like cracking and exploding due to these ridiculous stuff.exam's just few weeks away and i'm not ready for anything and not even started doing any revisions yet.I need to cover the syllabus for the whole 3 semesters of foundation study,like what the fuck! seriously, I ain't ready for this and apparently, my plan to do some sort of revision this coming weeks has been distracted by a stupid college exhibition where I and my course mates have to, particularly forced (to be exact)  to represent my college's english language department for this so called R&D exhibition.this is just absurd.damn it man.

23 September 2010

Dealing With a Dickhead

Bengang dengan seorang makhluk yang tak boleh tengok orang hidup senang. what's your problem dude? mind sharing it with me or are you just gonna live in your own fucking sluggish world which no one can bother yet you can do it to others?

ain't you realize there's no one like you and they're just being hypocrite in front of you;even your own roommate who you back stabbed him so many times? orang asyik makan hati je denga kau.tak sedar ke? yes, kau hebat.kau boleh main gitar,kau pandai main futsal and you're one year older than us but that does not make any difference cos it not you alone who is good in everything.orang lain pun ramai lagi la yang hebat daripada kau.gila syok sendiri.

do expect us to bow our heads to you since you're a year older than us? screw you! how are suppose to respect you while you're not doing the same thing to us. ye kau datang dari kampung or mungkin kau lah jaguh di kampung.datang kat tempat orang ni tak payah la nak tunjuk samseng kampung tu.

20 September 2010

Snapshot Report

I did an online personality test here which indicates my personality in life which i partially believe yet i totally agree with the answers.but it was fun to answer all the questions.this is the result;part of the result.too bad, i can't see the full result cos i need to pay for the subscription.here it is:
You are somewhat extroverted, preferring the company of others rather than spending time alone. Extroversion refers to an outward and interactive orientation. Extroverts are stimulated by being around others and are often considered gregarious or outgoing. People with this orientation usually have a lot of friends, and find it easy to interact with strangers. They tend to feel lonely and withdrawn when denied the company of others. When extroverts feel bad, low on energy, or stressed, they look outside themselves for relief. They might go shopping, call friends to come over, or arrange a party.

19 September 2010

Cuti raya sudah tamat.perlu kembali ke tempat yang aku tak pernah suka dalam hidup iaitu kolej.
perlu bekerja keras untuk semua assignments yang masih belum siap oleh kerana sifat malas yang melampau.

final exam sudah semakin dekat.perlu mula buat revision sekarang.


14 September 2010

Ceremonialize Shawwal

Guess it's not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.It's 4th of shawwal and of cos it's ain't no late!

This is just a brief update on how I celebrated Eid with my family this year.Things happened just like past years where everybody will wake up early in the morning to settle things up like the meals;rendang,ketupat,nasi impit,so on and so forth. My sister was busy with her undone baju kurung cos she was busy sewing someone else's clothes before raya.hah amik kau,orang dah siap kau baru terhegeh-hegeh nak jahit baju.pastu mula la nak menggelabah.Masa ini la jugak semua orang akan berebut untuk menggunakan bilik air di tingkat atas kerana semua orang malas untuk turun dan memanjat tangga dari tingkat bawah.haihh pemalas betul.

10 September 2010

Bienvenue Shawwal.I Hope You Could Stay Longer Ramadan ;(

The blessed month of Ramadan has come to an end for this year and Shawwal is crackling its light of joy and victory for the Muslims throughout the whole globe.Seriously,I'm gonna miss Ramadan so badly.I hope I'll be able to meet you again next year.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin.I would like to apologize for all my wrongdoings,my attitude,my ignorance & my imperfections.

Yours Sincerely,
Wan Muhammad Syarifuddin Wan Abdul Halim.

03 September 2010

Hari Raya Shopping

Eid-ul-fitr is just about to be celebrated soon.everyone seems busy with their preparation for the joyful and blessed day coming forth.I myself have my own preparations for the day.woah i can't imagine myself celebrating hari raya without any new garments like baju melayu and shirt.for sure i won't have a joyful and blessed hari raya yet i would have a disastrous eid-ul-fitr ever.LOL.ok i should stop nagging now.

I have a so-called unplanned hari raya shopping this year cos i went to purchase my Baju Melayu at Mid Valley instead of going to Masjid India which i planned days before.reason why i went there because Hazman asked me to accompany him to a salon cos he wanna do something to his curly-bangla-look hair.lmao.while i planned to wash and blow as well a bit trim.well that was our FIRST plan before going to the salon yet turned out something different happened when we get into the hairdressing center.

01 September 2010

Bad Perceptions Ain't Ruin My Reputation

hiding my face from paparazzi ;p
Got nothing much to say.it's just the urge of writing suddenly came shooting on my mind.i'm just feeling freaking bored right at this moment.currently stranded in the hostel right 3 days before mid-semester break and hari raya hols.haihh baju raya pun belum beli lagi.elaun dimanakah anda?

ok,stop rambling.how should i jot this down huh?got no words to write actually.right,first of all we can't expect people to like us every all the time and will never say anything or give any bad words about us cos we are not some kind of idol to be adored and worshiped.haters are everywhere peeps.just beware of the all those dogs.lol

29 August 2010

Unstable Biological Clock

Damn.Tabiat kurang baik datanng kembali.Jerawat kat muka makin banyak.inilah yang terjadi sekiranya aku menghabiskan masa di rumah tambah pulak di bulan puasa.pagi dan petang adalah waktu tidur dan malam waktu berjaga sampai subuh.mengadap laptop sampai tak ingat dunia.melakukan perkara-perkara yang membosankan seperti fb,youtube,baca cerita-cerita menarik,belek surat khabar online dan banyak lagi.semua benda ini telah menjadi rutin.

perlukan masa untuk mengnormalkan(wujud ke perkataan sebegini? ah peduli apa aku) kembali jam di dalam badan ini.tak tahu berapa lama masa yang diperlukan.rasanya tidak akan memakan masa yang lama sebab sudah terbiasa.

perkara sebegini berlaku kerana insomnia aku masih belum pulih dan aku tidak tahu bagaimana nak memulihkannya.perlu Google dan Bing.

need to rush up with everything for sahur today cos my sis got up pretty late to prepare the meals.i need to have my sahur so that i won't have any excuses to skip my fasting.lol just kidding.i won't skip my puasa for some silly excuses.hey,i never skipped my sahur this ramadan.ain't that a good thing?.orang cakap dalam sahur tu ada berkatnya ;p

28 August 2010


I'm such a loser when it comes to the love matter.I'm not good in falling in love.I don't even know how to approach a girl where the other guys are good at.I wonder how did they make girls simply fall into them.Never mind.Guess they're lucky.

Perhaps I'm gonna stay single for the rest of my life.Well, I know it's not a bad thing.

oh, sangat cemburu dengan mereka-mereka yang sedang dan akan belajar di luar negara.Mahu jadi seperti mereka juga.

26 August 2010

Bizzare Night

I don't know how can I describe this but something weird happened and disturbed my sleep last night.Orang kata syaitan dan iblis kena ikat sepanjang bulan puasa ni. does it make sense if i say i was disturbed by 'something' when I was asleep?

aku hairan.nak kata aku mimpi,terang-terang tak sebab aku memang sedar masa tu dan rasa apa yang 'benda' itu lakukan terhadap aku..it happened several times to me before but never happened on ramadan.i'm kinda used to it.i mean,being disturbed by this 'something' when i'm asleep.that's why i'm asking does it make sense for it to happen during fasting month.sigh...as far as i'm concerned,there are no satans lingering around us this month kan?

haih,memang aneh.damn.kamu memang mengganggu tidur aku.

p/s:sick of people who can't put his ego beneath the pillow.

25 August 2010

A Guilty Escape

I'm suppose to be in Putrajaya,practicing for the fucking human graphic performance on this coming independence day celebration but I escaped the scene.Reasons? I don't have any exact reasons why i fled home.I just hate all this patriotic thingy.yes,i'm a Malaysian yet i'm not that nationalistic.I just hate this thing.ok,stop with patriotism talk.

let's move on.
the practice; it's held at bukit jalil putra stadium every morning and night (hey,what about our terawih prayer?) thru out the practice periods.they are torturing us on the holy month of ramadhan for the sake of this goddamn celebration.only God knows how exhausted we are during the practice.hell, we need to make 88 formations ya know.the thing is simple;we just need to put up the colored flag according to the color plate given but the tiredness is beyond words.not to mention whenever someone makes mistake,we need to repeat the formation again and again until it's perfect enough. i was supposed to stay there for 10 days btw.i know, it's freaking long!

19 August 2010

Shoving The Black Hat Off

Have you ever heard about the Six Thinking Hats theory? fine,kalau tatahu sila bing atau google sendiri.I'm not gonna write about all those hats thingy.it's about myself. I don't know either I'm good or not.I just can't tell. I noticed something about myself which anyone would not.

Well sometimes whenever I see someone either right before me or pretty far sight i tend to make an impression which is normally a negative thought which I myself hate the way i'm thinking about those people. i know it's blatantly not a good thing to be adopted as a habit.does this kind of habit makes me a bad guy? i admit it's not a good deed to judge the people around you on the first impression which most of the time ended up you making a mistake.

Now,I'm trying to twist the impression into a positive ways rather than making a negative thought on folks all around me instead.hoho..I'm still working on it though.duhh at least i have some effort on it cos it's not easy to curb this thing in my mind ya know. let's hope i can get rid of this behavior as soon as possible! wish me luck peeps!

I have no other photo to put so don't ask why  i put this pic.LOL

p/s: I'll just keep quiet in the class next time so that i won't offend or hurt anyone's feeling.

18 August 2010

Mock Exam

Damn.aku memang dah agak aku memang takkan dapat score untuk exam hari tu.semuanya berpunca daripada godaan sepanjang study week yang sungguh tidak menyenangkan.Ok sebenarnya semua ini adalah salah aku sendiri.at least,aku mengaku, okay?aku tidak perlu menyatakan markah yang aku dapat kerana ia sangatlah teruk dan memalukan.ugh! even orang yang lagi malas daripada aku dapat lagi tinggi(cikit) daripada aku.walaupun satu subjek je yang dia dapat markah lebih daripada aku,aku tetap tak puas hati.shit kenapa perkara sebegitu perlu berlaku sedangkan aku belajar lebih daripada dia dan mereka-mereka itu.Berikut adalah senarai subjek yang aku ambik semasa mock exam berjalan:
Language Descriptions:Passed
English Studies:Passed
Language Description:Passed
Social Studies: Passed
Ok,semua subjek tersebut telah berjaya lulus without any flying colors and of cos tidak perlu diberitahu kepada mak dan ayah.Tulis essay macam conteng kertas yang dipenuhi nota-nota tanpa isi yang padat dan words yang mengarut dan yang tak mungkin difahami oleh lecturer."human puppet" heck? watafak is that? it's cynical dan bukan "sinical" ok? I know it was silly mistakes.ah bangang betul.ok untuk menenangkan fikiran dan sentiasa berfikiran positif jom layan lagu ini.well people,you should know that exam is not a competition.dah,selesai sesi merepek.

16 August 2010

Walking with My Own Shadow

I wanna ask you guys, is it a must for a guy to have a girlfriend?what if someone who doesn't have one like me myself.I honestly tell you that i don't have any girlfriend.I might seem as an extrovert guy yet i'm not a kind of person who likes to flirt around with a girl to win her affection and admiration.

It's undeniable that someone might feel lonely for not having any soul mate beside them.I sometime would feel kinda envy seeing guys walking with their gf but I can get over it cos i know it's not the right time for me to have one.it's just a matter of time..the time will tell.now i just wanna live my life to the fullest and experience all the things in my precious life.

11 August 2010

Holy Month of Ramadhan has Came Forth

Actually,I'm out of words.Can't sew any word into my mind.The holy month of fasting has begun.As a muslim,there are so many things that I need to curb throughout this month not just only abstaining my tummy from hunger and thirst, yet I must avoid myself from doing things that I ain't supposed to.Like my dad would always told me whenever the fasting months began; "Syarifuddin,kurangkan tengok TV,jangan tido lama-lama,jangan borak kosong.Tu semua maksiat.Kan elok kalau kamu pergi surau,baca Quran sebanyak mungkin."I would not give much response whenever he said that but one word would come across my mind; cliche!LOL.

All those nags didn't give much impact on me cos I feel like i'm already an adult :p.But this year,things will change.I will try hard to be a real good muslim which by right I can't skip the fast regardless any excuses.I won't allow the Satan overpowering my soul in this holy month!I do hope that I wanna have a better Ramadan than the past years.I'll devote myself to Allah on this holy month which I might not have the chance next years.Who knows right?We can't expect how much longer we'll own this priceless life.

09 August 2010

Bona Fide

I need sincerity in friendship but it's the hardest thing to get.I've got plenty of friends yet i don't know whether they are real friends or not.I don't mind if they wanna talk something bad behind me cos sometimes I did that too.But why don't they just be truthful to me rather than talking behind me.don't be a coward and a douche bag.I would lightheartedly accept others' criticism towards me cos i know it make me become a better me.I can handle my anger well if some ain't nice were said to me.the thing is just be open.i won't bite you like a vampire.lol

Guys,Love the friendship as an appreciation not loving your friend as a person. Because you don't want the situation gets ugly and uncomfortable, do you?

p/s hari ini merupakan hari shopping yang paling teruk dalam hidup aku..

04 August 2010


English is my passion.i love it.thats why im taking english as my major field of studies which by right im gonna be a teacher soon.err its actually in 4 more years.look im not gonna talk about why i love english and those craps.i wanna tell something about me being condemned for using english when i speak or swear or anything.

well,here's the story. there's one guy who keeps mocking me cos he heard me saying 'my bad' when i made a mistake but i don't give a damn cos i know everyone who speak english would face and plenty of us had confronted with this kind of crap before..hey buddy,don't u realize in what century we're living now?well if u don't lemme remind u its on 21st century dickhead! its just a norm listening ppl speak english to each other in daily conversation well at least a few words would spit out from our mouth unless u were living in a cave before.well if u did i bet u never heard of ppl speaking english right?lol.

03 August 2010

Uncertain Feeling

I can't  say what I'm i am feeling ryte now..its like an uneasy feeling which can't be expressed and explained.sigh...can anyone tell me what should i do? i hate this kind of feeling ya know.being around with ppl whose making me sick and annoyed with them.gth peeps! the worst part of it,some of my frens would notice me who looks totally disturbed and would insisted me to share it with them.heck,what imma gonna tell u guys?i myself can't explain bout the things which keep coming and shooting my head and mind but thanks guys for being there whenever I need you..now,at least i can feel a true friendship which was not the same when i was at high school..malas lah nak cakap psl skolah..it was a nostalgia though.i had the least sugary memories there.

p/s: ape kau rasa bila kau kena mengadap sorang lecturer dalam 5 jam of lessons?

02 August 2010

Incurable Violent Desire

Here's the story.A tale where I started to burn the cigarettes.As I could remember, I started to burn this deadly stick when I was in form 2.If  I count,it was 7 years ago!Bapak ah lama tu.But at that time I wasn't really into it.I mean, I didn't really a smoker.I was kinda experimenting myself.LOL.lame ryte?But it was the starting point where I got to noe ths sticks of 'pleasure' and where I started to be friends with guys who smoke.I never bought the cigarettes wif my own money.I would just share it wif a fren.Nahh, lets skip this lame fairytale..


i don't have anything to write actually but i feel like writing.so its totally pointless.

01 August 2010

Sherlock Holmes

First thing first, it's a task given by the lecturer.well, sort of.The task is simple; observe people on your daily basis like who you meet,what kind of peeps u see,how they behave and list goes on and on.after doing all these things which I'm not good at,I'll have to blog it.Lemme be honest and admit it,I'm not a good observant and I don't really bother about people all around me.just let em' be what they wanna be.it's out of my concern.I've met so many kind of persons in my life.a flirt,geeky,weirdos and so forth but heck I don't care,ok? why bother huh?lol

Sorry, I ain't gonna be Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan.

I'm writing two posts in one single night.heh

31 July 2010

Deserted Mind

Fuck!Can anyone tell me what's wrong with me?I can't even think of any single words to write and post the so-called argumentative essay.ideas,u are most welcomed now.pls come.I desperately need you this moment.

24 June 2010

Ceaseless Pain

sakit gigi.3 hari..gusi bengkak..muka jadi cm alien sbb bengkak yg sgt besar..can't even close my eye lids..it's fucking hurt. I HATE YOU TOOTH ACHE! f.u.l.l.s.t.o.p.I'm getting better now..I got my face back (no more swollen cheek)ugh cm alien..tak sanggup nak tengok kat cermin..Alhamdulillah :)

14 June 2010

Au Revoir

It is my last day here in Terengganu..after spending my 9 days of hols I had a really great and blast week here! lotsa things happened during the leisure time there..frm the prev post i have jot down few sugary memories,now lemme add some more ok?

-went picnic for the 2nd time at the hot spring called La Hot Spring.awesomeness!
-went a place where there was a so-called expo (eh?)..well,sort of..bought few clothes..er, bundle clothing.hey,aku bkn org kaya yg mampu nk beli baju2 butik k?get it?bundle clothing is cool ape..limited edition u know.LMAO
-another picnic at the beach named Pantai Air Tawar..had a great moment with ol the big studs here..lepaking,makan2,main air etc..oh sungguh best..nak pegi lagi! 
-anything else??hmmm..lemme think first.LOL

anyways,I like being there so much..like,it was damn awesome..enjoyed my hols so fucking much..hell yeah..gonna miss u terengganu..gonna miss all my buddies there..

hope to see u guys again.to both abe,terima kasih daunn keladi sbb bg tempat untuk aku stay and bawak ak jalan2 area besut..sungguh seronok..

p/s: planning to go to pulau perhentian on the next semester break.. tp kena simpan duit banyak2 dulu lah..

13 June 2010

A Bogus Guilt

I know I made mistake but why dun u just come and face me and stop telling others about the thing.kau buat aku rimas lah. yet I would say I never felt guilty on what I have done.Hey, ppl makes mistakes ryte?ugh.sial kau!

p/s: I'm gonna stay single for the rest of my life and yes I will live it to the fullest! oh yeah..

09 June 2010

post semester 2 euphoria

Semester break has begun.*hooray*!lotsa things happening on this first 5 days of the holiday..oh im not spending my hols in my hometown instead, im having my holly2 joy at terengganu!been here for 5 days are blast..oh yeah..im staying at my roomie's place in Felda Kampung Tenang.first time woah dtg felda.teruk kan?lol..

These what I got for my 1st phase of hols:
-went to a do (kenduri).doesn't differs much frm my homeland i guess..
-picnic at hot spring.perggh the best ever..terbaik arh..
-nampak babi hutan secara live berjalan-jalan kt area felda.(sumpah cuak!)lol
-others,hanging out with my best fellas,hazman,edan,raja..
will update soon.we'll see ape lagi things that i will explore and discover here in terengganu
oh terengganu sggh best.sekian
p/s: i'm fucking officially broke now.can't shopping no more in terengganu.*sedih2*

25 May 2010

Hey,I'm writing a blog,again.

Well before this I used to own a blog once but it was not last longer.It was stranded somewhere cos i was kinda lost my word when it comes to express and pen down my own thoughts.mungkin fikiran blom matured kot.lol.But now the desire to write creeps in my life again.In this blog I can write anything I want.Any objections?But suka hati aku la nk tulis ape pon.blog aku bkn blog engkau.duhh..There are plenty of tales and stories of my life I would like to tell.I will consider this blog as my online diary where I write the journey of my life.lol.I loike writing ;)