14 June 2010

Au Revoir

It is my last day here in Terengganu..after spending my 9 days of hols I had a really great and blast week here! lotsa things happened during the leisure time there..frm the prev post i have jot down few sugary memories,now lemme add some more ok?

-went picnic for the 2nd time at the hot spring called La Hot Spring.awesomeness!
-went a place where there was a so-called expo (eh?)..well,sort of..bought few clothes..er, bundle clothing.hey,aku bkn org kaya yg mampu nk beli baju2 butik k?get it?bundle clothing is cool ape..limited edition u know.LMAO
-another picnic at the beach named Pantai Air Tawar..had a great moment with ol the big studs here..lepaking,makan2,main air etc..oh sungguh best..nak pegi lagi! 
-anything else??hmmm..lemme think first.LOL

anyways,I like being there so much..like,it was damn awesome..enjoyed my hols so fucking much..hell yeah..gonna miss u terengganu..gonna miss all my buddies there..

hope to see u guys again.to both abe,terima kasih daunn keladi sbb bg tempat untuk aku stay and bawak ak jalan2 area besut..sungguh seronok..

p/s: planning to go to pulau perhentian on the next semester break.. tp kena simpan duit banyak2 dulu lah..

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