09 June 2010

post semester 2 euphoria

Semester break has begun.*hooray*!lotsa things happening on this first 5 days of the holiday..oh im not spending my hols in my hometown instead, im having my holly2 joy at terengganu!been here for 5 days are blast..oh yeah..im staying at my roomie's place in Felda Kampung Tenang.first time woah dtg felda.teruk kan?lol..

These what I got for my 1st phase of hols:
-went to a do (kenduri).doesn't differs much frm my homeland i guess..
-picnic at hot spring.perggh the best ever..terbaik arh..
-nampak babi hutan secara live berjalan-jalan kt area felda.(sumpah cuak!)lol
-others,hanging out with my best fellas,hazman,edan,raja..
will update soon.we'll see ape lagi things that i will explore and discover here in terengganu
oh terengganu sggh best.sekian
p/s: i'm fucking officially broke now.can't shopping no more in terengganu.*sedih2*

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