01 August 2010

Sherlock Holmes

First thing first, it's a task given by the lecturer.well, sort of.The task is simple; observe people on your daily basis like who you meet,what kind of peeps u see,how they behave and list goes on and on.after doing all these things which I'm not good at,I'll have to blog it.Lemme be honest and admit it,I'm not a good observant and I don't really bother about people all around me.just let em' be what they wanna be.it's out of my concern.I've met so many kind of persons in my life.a flirt,geeky,weirdos and so forth but heck I don't care,ok? why bother huh?lol

Sorry, I ain't gonna be Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan.

I'm writing two posts in one single night.heh


  1. hey2!!i 4gt edy bout tat task.yeah..well,v r sme dude~i oso dun hve much time 2 bother bout others same s i dun wan others 2 bther me..huhu

  2. yeah2~
    *nadia yaya like this*