29 August 2010

Unstable Biological Clock

Damn.Tabiat kurang baik datanng kembali.Jerawat kat muka makin banyak.inilah yang terjadi sekiranya aku menghabiskan masa di rumah tambah pulak di bulan puasa.pagi dan petang adalah waktu tidur dan malam waktu berjaga sampai subuh.mengadap laptop sampai tak ingat dunia.melakukan perkara-perkara yang membosankan seperti fb,youtube,baca cerita-cerita menarik,belek surat khabar online dan banyak lagi.semua benda ini telah menjadi rutin.

perlukan masa untuk mengnormalkan(wujud ke perkataan sebegini? ah peduli apa aku) kembali jam di dalam badan ini.tak tahu berapa lama masa yang diperlukan.rasanya tidak akan memakan masa yang lama sebab sudah terbiasa.

perkara sebegini berlaku kerana insomnia aku masih belum pulih dan aku tidak tahu bagaimana nak memulihkannya.perlu Google dan Bing.

need to rush up with everything for sahur today cos my sis got up pretty late to prepare the meals.i need to have my sahur so that i won't have any excuses to skip my fasting.lol just kidding.i won't skip my puasa for some silly excuses.hey,i never skipped my sahur this ramadan.ain't that a good thing?.orang cakap dalam sahur tu ada berkatnya ;p

28 August 2010


I'm such a loser when it comes to the love matter.I'm not good in falling in love.I don't even know how to approach a girl where the other guys are good at.I wonder how did they make girls simply fall into them.Never mind.Guess they're lucky.

Perhaps I'm gonna stay single for the rest of my life.Well, I know it's not a bad thing.

oh, sangat cemburu dengan mereka-mereka yang sedang dan akan belajar di luar negara.Mahu jadi seperti mereka juga.

26 August 2010

Bizzare Night

I don't know how can I describe this but something weird happened and disturbed my sleep last night.Orang kata syaitan dan iblis kena ikat sepanjang bulan puasa ni. does it make sense if i say i was disturbed by 'something' when I was asleep?

aku hairan.nak kata aku mimpi,terang-terang tak sebab aku memang sedar masa tu dan rasa apa yang 'benda' itu lakukan terhadap aku..it happened several times to me before but never happened on ramadan.i'm kinda used to it.i mean,being disturbed by this 'something' when i'm asleep.that's why i'm asking does it make sense for it to happen during fasting month.sigh...as far as i'm concerned,there are no satans lingering around us this month kan?

haih,memang aneh.damn.kamu memang mengganggu tidur aku.

p/s:sick of people who can't put his ego beneath the pillow.

25 August 2010

A Guilty Escape

I'm suppose to be in Putrajaya,practicing for the fucking human graphic performance on this coming independence day celebration but I escaped the scene.Reasons? I don't have any exact reasons why i fled home.I just hate all this patriotic thingy.yes,i'm a Malaysian yet i'm not that nationalistic.I just hate this thing.ok,stop with patriotism talk.

let's move on.
the practice; it's held at bukit jalil putra stadium every morning and night (hey,what about our terawih prayer?) thru out the practice periods.they are torturing us on the holy month of ramadhan for the sake of this goddamn celebration.only God knows how exhausted we are during the practice.hell, we need to make 88 formations ya know.the thing is simple;we just need to put up the colored flag according to the color plate given but the tiredness is beyond words.not to mention whenever someone makes mistake,we need to repeat the formation again and again until it's perfect enough. i was supposed to stay there for 10 days btw.i know, it's freaking long!

19 August 2010

Shoving The Black Hat Off

Have you ever heard about the Six Thinking Hats theory? fine,kalau tatahu sila bing atau google sendiri.I'm not gonna write about all those hats thingy.it's about myself. I don't know either I'm good or not.I just can't tell. I noticed something about myself which anyone would not.

Well sometimes whenever I see someone either right before me or pretty far sight i tend to make an impression which is normally a negative thought which I myself hate the way i'm thinking about those people. i know it's blatantly not a good thing to be adopted as a habit.does this kind of habit makes me a bad guy? i admit it's not a good deed to judge the people around you on the first impression which most of the time ended up you making a mistake.

Now,I'm trying to twist the impression into a positive ways rather than making a negative thought on folks all around me instead.hoho..I'm still working on it though.duhh at least i have some effort on it cos it's not easy to curb this thing in my mind ya know. let's hope i can get rid of this behavior as soon as possible! wish me luck peeps!

I have no other photo to put so don't ask why  i put this pic.LOL

p/s: I'll just keep quiet in the class next time so that i won't offend or hurt anyone's feeling.

18 August 2010

Mock Exam

Damn.aku memang dah agak aku memang takkan dapat score untuk exam hari tu.semuanya berpunca daripada godaan sepanjang study week yang sungguh tidak menyenangkan.Ok sebenarnya semua ini adalah salah aku sendiri.at least,aku mengaku, okay?aku tidak perlu menyatakan markah yang aku dapat kerana ia sangatlah teruk dan memalukan.ugh! even orang yang lagi malas daripada aku dapat lagi tinggi(cikit) daripada aku.walaupun satu subjek je yang dia dapat markah lebih daripada aku,aku tetap tak puas hati.shit kenapa perkara sebegitu perlu berlaku sedangkan aku belajar lebih daripada dia dan mereka-mereka itu.Berikut adalah senarai subjek yang aku ambik semasa mock exam berjalan:
Language Descriptions:Passed
English Studies:Passed
Language Description:Passed
Social Studies: Passed
Ok,semua subjek tersebut telah berjaya lulus without any flying colors and of cos tidak perlu diberitahu kepada mak dan ayah.Tulis essay macam conteng kertas yang dipenuhi nota-nota tanpa isi yang padat dan words yang mengarut dan yang tak mungkin difahami oleh lecturer."human puppet" heck? watafak is that? it's cynical dan bukan "sinical" ok? I know it was silly mistakes.ah bangang betul.ok untuk menenangkan fikiran dan sentiasa berfikiran positif jom layan lagu ini.well people,you should know that exam is not a competition.dah,selesai sesi merepek.

16 August 2010

Walking with My Own Shadow

I wanna ask you guys, is it a must for a guy to have a girlfriend?what if someone who doesn't have one like me myself.I honestly tell you that i don't have any girlfriend.I might seem as an extrovert guy yet i'm not a kind of person who likes to flirt around with a girl to win her affection and admiration.

It's undeniable that someone might feel lonely for not having any soul mate beside them.I sometime would feel kinda envy seeing guys walking with their gf but I can get over it cos i know it's not the right time for me to have one.it's just a matter of time..the time will tell.now i just wanna live my life to the fullest and experience all the things in my precious life.

11 August 2010

Holy Month of Ramadhan has Came Forth

Actually,I'm out of words.Can't sew any word into my mind.The holy month of fasting has begun.As a muslim,there are so many things that I need to curb throughout this month not just only abstaining my tummy from hunger and thirst, yet I must avoid myself from doing things that I ain't supposed to.Like my dad would always told me whenever the fasting months began; "Syarifuddin,kurangkan tengok TV,jangan tido lama-lama,jangan borak kosong.Tu semua maksiat.Kan elok kalau kamu pergi surau,baca Quran sebanyak mungkin."I would not give much response whenever he said that but one word would come across my mind; cliche!LOL.

All those nags didn't give much impact on me cos I feel like i'm already an adult :p.But this year,things will change.I will try hard to be a real good muslim which by right I can't skip the fast regardless any excuses.I won't allow the Satan overpowering my soul in this holy month!I do hope that I wanna have a better Ramadan than the past years.I'll devote myself to Allah on this holy month which I might not have the chance next years.Who knows right?We can't expect how much longer we'll own this priceless life.

09 August 2010

Bona Fide

I need sincerity in friendship but it's the hardest thing to get.I've got plenty of friends yet i don't know whether they are real friends or not.I don't mind if they wanna talk something bad behind me cos sometimes I did that too.But why don't they just be truthful to me rather than talking behind me.don't be a coward and a douche bag.I would lightheartedly accept others' criticism towards me cos i know it make me become a better me.I can handle my anger well if some ain't nice were said to me.the thing is just be open.i won't bite you like a vampire.lol

Guys,Love the friendship as an appreciation not loving your friend as a person. Because you don't want the situation gets ugly and uncomfortable, do you?

p/s hari ini merupakan hari shopping yang paling teruk dalam hidup aku..

04 August 2010


English is my passion.i love it.thats why im taking english as my major field of studies which by right im gonna be a teacher soon.err its actually in 4 more years.look im not gonna talk about why i love english and those craps.i wanna tell something about me being condemned for using english when i speak or swear or anything.

well,here's the story. there's one guy who keeps mocking me cos he heard me saying 'my bad' when i made a mistake but i don't give a damn cos i know everyone who speak english would face and plenty of us had confronted with this kind of crap before..hey buddy,don't u realize in what century we're living now?well if u don't lemme remind u its on 21st century dickhead! its just a norm listening ppl speak english to each other in daily conversation well at least a few words would spit out from our mouth unless u were living in a cave before.well if u did i bet u never heard of ppl speaking english right?lol.

03 August 2010

Uncertain Feeling

I can't  say what I'm i am feeling ryte now..its like an uneasy feeling which can't be expressed and explained.sigh...can anyone tell me what should i do? i hate this kind of feeling ya know.being around with ppl whose making me sick and annoyed with them.gth peeps! the worst part of it,some of my frens would notice me who looks totally disturbed and would insisted me to share it with them.heck,what imma gonna tell u guys?i myself can't explain bout the things which keep coming and shooting my head and mind but thanks guys for being there whenever I need you..now,at least i can feel a true friendship which was not the same when i was at high school..malas lah nak cakap psl skolah..it was a nostalgia though.i had the least sugary memories there.

p/s: ape kau rasa bila kau kena mengadap sorang lecturer dalam 5 jam of lessons?

02 August 2010

Incurable Violent Desire

Here's the story.A tale where I started to burn the cigarettes.As I could remember, I started to burn this deadly stick when I was in form 2.If  I count,it was 7 years ago!Bapak ah lama tu.But at that time I wasn't really into it.I mean, I didn't really a smoker.I was kinda experimenting myself.LOL.lame ryte?But it was the starting point where I got to noe ths sticks of 'pleasure' and where I started to be friends with guys who smoke.I never bought the cigarettes wif my own money.I would just share it wif a fren.Nahh, lets skip this lame fairytale..


i don't have anything to write actually but i feel like writing.so its totally pointless.

01 August 2010

Sherlock Holmes

First thing first, it's a task given by the lecturer.well, sort of.The task is simple; observe people on your daily basis like who you meet,what kind of peeps u see,how they behave and list goes on and on.after doing all these things which I'm not good at,I'll have to blog it.Lemme be honest and admit it,I'm not a good observant and I don't really bother about people all around me.just let em' be what they wanna be.it's out of my concern.I've met so many kind of persons in my life.a flirt,geeky,weirdos and so forth but heck I don't care,ok? why bother huh?lol

Sorry, I ain't gonna be Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan.

I'm writing two posts in one single night.heh