09 August 2010

Bona Fide

I need sincerity in friendship but it's the hardest thing to get.I've got plenty of friends yet i don't know whether they are real friends or not.I don't mind if they wanna talk something bad behind me cos sometimes I did that too.But why don't they just be truthful to me rather than talking behind me.don't be a coward and a douche bag.I would lightheartedly accept others' criticism towards me cos i know it make me become a better me.I can handle my anger well if some ain't nice were said to me.the thing is just be open.i won't bite you like a vampire.lol

Guys,Love the friendship as an appreciation not loving your friend as a person. Because you don't want the situation gets ugly and uncomfortable, do you?

p/s hari ini merupakan hari shopping yang paling teruk dalam hidup aku..

1 comment:

  1. wat had hppened 2 ur "shopping day"?hw u could go shpping 2day??it mkes me wnder though~huhu