04 August 2010


English is my passion.i love it.thats why im taking english as my major field of studies which by right im gonna be a teacher soon.err its actually in 4 more years.look im not gonna talk about why i love english and those craps.i wanna tell something about me being condemned for using english when i speak or swear or anything.

well,here's the story. there's one guy who keeps mocking me cos he heard me saying 'my bad' when i made a mistake but i don't give a damn cos i know everyone who speak english would face and plenty of us had confronted with this kind of crap before..hey buddy,don't u realize in what century we're living now?well if u don't lemme remind u its on 21st century dickhead! its just a norm listening ppl speak english to each other in daily conversation well at least a few words would spit out from our mouth unless u were living in a cave before.well if u did i bet u never heard of ppl speaking english right?lol.

let me get straight to you and all other guys who will uneasy when u heard any of english words being spoken.kau tinggal la dekat mana2 hutan belantara dan kawan dengan binatang2 kat dalam tu sebab kau dah tak payah nak tahan telinga dengar orang cakap english.kau boleh belajar bahasa baru kat sana.kau cakap lah dengan binatang2 tuh and for sure it won't be any english words spoken by the animals!
this kind of peeps makes wonder why are there small-minded person still exists in well-developed country.they're just a bunch of  waste of space small-country lifers!
never mind,i don't bother and deal with this ppl anymore.I'm living my life in a good way and i will speak english in my daily basis which mean no one can stop me doing it.

oh to make it more interesting, i will never speak any malay words with u anymore. bear with it ok?let's see how long and how far would u go to mock me around.if u think that u have made me angry then u are wrong.booo!!!keep doing it cos i just don't care dumb ass!
susah betul hidup dengan orang yang orthodox di sekeliling.sighh..

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