11 August 2010

Holy Month of Ramadhan has Came Forth

Actually,I'm out of words.Can't sew any word into my mind.The holy month of fasting has begun.As a muslim,there are so many things that I need to curb throughout this month not just only abstaining my tummy from hunger and thirst, yet I must avoid myself from doing things that I ain't supposed to.Like my dad would always told me whenever the fasting months began; "Syarifuddin,kurangkan tengok TV,jangan tido lama-lama,jangan borak kosong.Tu semua maksiat.Kan elok kalau kamu pergi surau,baca Quran sebanyak mungkin."I would not give much response whenever he said that but one word would come across my mind; cliche!LOL.

All those nags didn't give much impact on me cos I feel like i'm already an adult :p.But this year,things will change.I will try hard to be a real good muslim which by right I can't skip the fast regardless any excuses.I won't allow the Satan overpowering my soul in this holy month!I do hope that I wanna have a better Ramadan than the past years.I'll devote myself to Allah on this holy month which I might not have the chance next years.Who knows right?We can't expect how much longer we'll own this priceless life.

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  1. yeah..ur really grown enough nw huh???btw,its a gd start though.lol.then u oso hve 2 rmmber 2 nt 'mbazir' during this holy month ok???its one of a Satan`s tradition..haha<>