25 August 2010

A Guilty Escape

I'm suppose to be in Putrajaya,practicing for the fucking human graphic performance on this coming independence day celebration but I escaped the scene.Reasons? I don't have any exact reasons why i fled home.I just hate all this patriotic thingy.yes,i'm a Malaysian yet i'm not that nationalistic.I just hate this thing.ok,stop with patriotism talk.

let's move on.
the practice; it's held at bukit jalil putra stadium every morning and night (hey,what about our terawih prayer?) thru out the practice periods.they are torturing us on the holy month of ramadhan for the sake of this goddamn celebration.only God knows how exhausted we are during the practice.hell, we need to make 88 formations ya know.the thing is simple;we just need to put up the colored flag according to the color plate given but the tiredness is beyond words.not to mention whenever someone makes mistake,we need to repeat the formation again and again until it's perfect enough. i was supposed to stay there for 10 days btw.i know, it's freaking long!

let's talk about the food served to us for break fast and sahur.the food served are just like leftovers.guess you can picture it yourself.didn't they realize we are freaking tired after the practice yet we are served with you-can-imagine-meals.i only had my break fast on my first day there(thank God I just stayed there for only two days) then i decided to buy on meals with can mingle with my taste buds.hey,please la consider,.of cos we are expecting for something pretty special for our break fast.i'm not saying that i'm not being grateful with the foods but please understand the situation.oh,did i mention that we are not paid for this rehearsal? that's why i said please consider by serving us some special meals after all the tiredness.

on my second day there,i crossed my heart and decided to escape form the animal cage.i packed my stuff and waited for the dawn to come then i fled.i waited for the morning to come.i hopped into the bus provided to go the venue then i took a train back from there. i couldn't stand it anymore.i was tensed all day long. i feel like crying when i called my friend telling him about this.of cos i wouldn't mind if it is not held during the fasting month.some of my friends couldn't abstain themselves for thirst so they skip their fasting.who will bear the sins of those having that vulnerable faith?who can't even fight the demon of desire and lust beneath their heart.the person itself,then who?well of cos you have your own answer for this :)

well, this is the thing when you have made and signed the agreements with the government where you need to obey all the orders given as if you're their slave.wanna rebuff? you can try but there will the bad come out for sure.there goes all the acts and other nonsense government stuff. talking about just make me more fuck up and piss off with this stuff.i should probably stop now.

i know what i did was obviously wrong so I'll bear the consequence :(

p/s; it's the blessed month of Ramadan yet i can't abstain myself from saying all those taboo words.it's not worth fasting if I'm still committing the sins :((

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