02 August 2010

Incurable Violent Desire

Here's the story.A tale where I started to burn the cigarettes.As I could remember, I started to burn this deadly stick when I was in form 2.If  I count,it was 7 years ago!Bapak ah lama tu.But at that time I wasn't really into it.I mean, I didn't really a smoker.I was kinda experimenting myself.LOL.lame ryte?But it was the starting point where I got to noe ths sticks of 'pleasure' and where I started to be friends with guys who smoke.I never bought the cigarettes wif my own money.I would just share it wif a fren.Nahh, lets skip this lame fairytale..

The moment that have turned me from a so-called social smoker to heavy smoker was this year.Surprised huh?What makes me a heavy smoker?EXAM!!But I'm not squarely blaming on it.Frankly,I was not really tensed studying for the exam though I was not ready for it.I just feel like I need a company for my study so I took it. It started with one stick in a moment,then two,and the list goes on and on.Now whenever I have any moment that can be filled with smoking I would just grab one stick in the box.Not to mention while having any guys talk.Hey who stand talking without any catalyst huh?lol.

Now I'm studying in a college where i got a monthly allowance $$$ which means I can afford to buy this cancer sticks on my own.Oh my mom knows bout ths btw and I've already 'masak and getting bored with all the nags from her.This is the hottest statement whenever I get home;
Mom: Kau ni bila nk brenti isap menatang tuh?
Me: ala nanti2 la..org tgh usaha nk brenti aa ni..bg aa support cket..
Mom:Ko tuh tak sehat.kena ingat sikit.Kau penahan masuk wad sbb masalah pernafasan.Kau  tak sayang nyawa ke?nak mati cepat ke?(walawey pedih sial ayat tu)
Me:*speechless*I don't wanna talk bout this anymore.I'm going to bed now.adios!walking away...
Still,all the nags and advices don't have any effect to me.haihh ape nk jadi dgn aku nieh..sighh..
I'm not gonna talk about this anymore.I admit that now I'm still a smoker but deep in my heart I'm really trying to cease the violent desire.


  1. OMG!!so-siat-siot tat sntence gven by ur mther.but,im at her side..*sorry face*..i mean why u sddenly start 2 be really-heavy smoker??i thnk nt solely bout exam,isnt it??bout love matter perhaps??

  2. oh dang!anyone wanna be on my side?lol
    obviously fren's influence,well sort of..