19 August 2010

Shoving The Black Hat Off

Have you ever heard about the Six Thinking Hats theory? fine,kalau tatahu sila bing atau google sendiri.I'm not gonna write about all those hats thingy.it's about myself. I don't know either I'm good or not.I just can't tell. I noticed something about myself which anyone would not.

Well sometimes whenever I see someone either right before me or pretty far sight i tend to make an impression which is normally a negative thought which I myself hate the way i'm thinking about those people. i know it's blatantly not a good thing to be adopted as a habit.does this kind of habit makes me a bad guy? i admit it's not a good deed to judge the people around you on the first impression which most of the time ended up you making a mistake.

Now,I'm trying to twist the impression into a positive ways rather than making a negative thought on folks all around me instead.hoho..I'm still working on it though.duhh at least i have some effort on it cos it's not easy to curb this thing in my mind ya know. let's hope i can get rid of this behavior as soon as possible! wish me luck peeps!

I have no other photo to put so don't ask why  i put this pic.LOL

p/s: I'll just keep quiet in the class next time so that i won't offend or hurt anyone's feeling.


  1. i effing de bono and his hats. super gay.

    hats off.

    oh, being judgemental, are we? i guess it's pretty much alright to make a first impression on people, even tho it's a bad one. preliminary view does seem to have some truth to it, at least.

    selamat berpuasa. aku sedang bosan.

  2. yep.i know sometimes there are some truth from our judgment on people.

    trimas.selamat berpuasa jugak..aku pun sedang bosan