03 August 2010

Uncertain Feeling

I can't  say what I'm i am feeling ryte now..its like an uneasy feeling which can't be expressed and explained.sigh...can anyone tell me what should i do? i hate this kind of feeling ya know.being around with ppl whose making me sick and annoyed with them.gth peeps! the worst part of it,some of my frens would notice me who looks totally disturbed and would insisted me to share it with them.heck,what imma gonna tell u guys?i myself can't explain bout the things which keep coming and shooting my head and mind but thanks guys for being there whenever I need you..now,at least i can feel a true friendship which was not the same when i was at high school..malas lah nak cakap psl skolah..it was a nostalgia though.i had the least sugary memories there.

p/s: ape kau rasa bila kau kena mengadap sorang lecturer dalam 5 jam of lessons?

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