16 August 2010

Walking with My Own Shadow

I wanna ask you guys, is it a must for a guy to have a girlfriend?what if someone who doesn't have one like me myself.I honestly tell you that i don't have any girlfriend.I might seem as an extrovert guy yet i'm not a kind of person who likes to flirt around with a girl to win her affection and admiration.

It's undeniable that someone might feel lonely for not having any soul mate beside them.I sometime would feel kinda envy seeing guys walking with their gf but I can get over it cos i know it's not the right time for me to have one.it's just a matter of time..the time will tell.now i just wanna live my life to the fullest and experience all the things in my precious life.

one thing i'm totally fuck up is whenever someone knows we don't have any gf they would merely say that we're gay!mudah gila buat konklusi.aku tau kamu ada gf tp aku tak kisah pun.itu hidup kamu nad not mine.u can live with your own life and i'll live with mine.you should having a bf/gf won't bring benefits to our live.no offense,but its such a nuisance.apa yang kamu dapat bila kamu ada bf/gf?kebahagiaan?does it will last forever?kamu yakin ke kamu akan kahwin dengan pasangan kamu itu?

actually, aku memang naik menyampah tengok couple berkepit sana-sini..korang tak bosan ke asyik mengadap muka dia tu je..lagi-lagi kalau belaja dalam satu kuliah.ugh irritating!nak pegi makan pun nak berkepit,apatah lagi nak pegi shopping.sumpah nak muntah kalau asyik mengadap muka tu je.

ok.i'm done with all the gibberish here.in this time,i'll just walk with my own shadow until someone special knock my heart which only time will tell.(aku tak kesah pun kalau takde).


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