01 September 2010

Bad Perceptions Ain't Ruin My Reputation

hiding my face from paparazzi ;p
Got nothing much to say.it's just the urge of writing suddenly came shooting on my mind.i'm just feeling freaking bored right at this moment.currently stranded in the hostel right 3 days before mid-semester break and hari raya hols.haihh baju raya pun belum beli lagi.elaun dimanakah anda?

ok,stop rambling.how should i jot this down huh?got no words to write actually.right,first of all we can't expect people to like us every all the time and will never say anything or give any bad words about us cos we are not some kind of idol to be adored and worshiped.haters are everywhere peeps.just beware of the all those dogs.lol

well,in my case i just don't give a damn on what they gonna say about me or give any bad impressions on me cos i know obviously i can't shut all those stink mouth.why would i care if they said something way beyond the truth about me right?even if all those words are true i wouldn't mind either ;p i know i'm not perfect but all that imperfect things will thus make me perfect.

they can twist all the craps about me to other folks but heck it won't never ruin my reputation neither my hectic life which i'm having now.i know who i am and i know you don't.why bother to hold a grudge or be mad when people say something about us when we know there's no point to argue about.let them be.they might think that they are perfect and right about everything while we don't.

anyways,for me,they just don't have their own life and that's why they bother about others.oh,for God's sake,get a life.will you?never mind,let them decide on their own. whatever it is,bad perception doesn't ruin my reputation.mark a mind in your head.Peace!

I wonder whether my English is getting better or getting worse.

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