03 September 2010

Hari Raya Shopping

Eid-ul-fitr is just about to be celebrated soon.everyone seems busy with their preparation for the joyful and blessed day coming forth.I myself have my own preparations for the day.woah i can't imagine myself celebrating hari raya without any new garments like baju melayu and shirt.for sure i won't have a joyful and blessed hari raya yet i would have a disastrous eid-ul-fitr ever.LOL.ok i should stop nagging now.

I have a so-called unplanned hari raya shopping this year cos i went to purchase my Baju Melayu at Mid Valley instead of going to Masjid India which i planned days before.reason why i went there because Hazman asked me to accompany him to a salon cos he wanna do something to his curly-bangla-look hair.lmao.while i planned to wash and blow as well a bit trim.well that was our FIRST plan before going to the salon yet turned out something different happened when we get into the hairdressing center.

After seating in front of the mirror we explained what we wanna do to our hair which was wash and blow only.but we were convinced by the hairstylist to do something different to our hair.I ended up doing a hair spa and Hazman ended up straightening his hair by rebonding!haihh..My hair treatment only took about 20 minutes but hazman's rebonding thingy took about 2 hours to be done.to avoid being bored waiting him to finish i decided to look up for my hari raya needs.i went to jaya jusco to purchase my baju melayu.for hari raya this year i chose purple color as my choice of baju melayu cos i haven't own this color before.

done with the baju melayu shopping, i met some other friends in the mall coincidentally.we tag along together cos i know hazman hasn't finished with his hairdo.do with everything we walked back to the salon to check on hazman.it was a surprise to see the change of his look with his new hairstyle.then,we diversed to our own direction for break fast.i had my break fast with hazman only at mamak stall outside mid valley after accompanying him buying his baju melayu.after that we met Bobby,Teha,Taufik,Farid and some other guys at chicken rice shop.they were just finished their break fast together.

basically we spent one whole day doing our shopping at mid valley.it was really an exhausting yet awesome shopping day.

the two-hours rebonding!

taufik and hazman.we were at big apple waiting for Bobby and Teha to finish their shopping.

Tired but trying to look sexy.lol
I didn't snap much photos cos I forgot to.LMAO

p/s; all the others have already on their way back home and some might already reach home but i'm still stranded here in Bangi.I'm going back next Tuesday.Sedih oh!

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