20 September 2010

Snapshot Report

I did an online personality test here which indicates my personality in life which i partially believe yet i totally agree with the answers.but it was fun to answer all the questions.this is the result;part of the result.too bad, i can't see the full result cos i need to pay for the subscription.here it is:
You are somewhat extroverted, preferring the company of others rather than spending time alone. Extroversion refers to an outward and interactive orientation. Extroverts are stimulated by being around others and are often considered gregarious or outgoing. People with this orientation usually have a lot of friends, and find it easy to interact with strangers. They tend to feel lonely and withdrawn when denied the company of others. When extroverts feel bad, low on energy, or stressed, they look outside themselves for relief. They might go shopping, call friends to come over, or arrange a party.

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