25 October 2010

When Karma Speaks

This is just another sequel from this previous post.ceh macam movie sequel la pulak.poyo betul.abaikan.

Some says truth is just the only way to resolve any problems but apparently some of them might not be able to accept it lightheartedly. In fact, will deny it hard.that's the fact though.most of us believe in karma where people often say what goes around comes around.you got my point there.i myself believe in karma.well at least some parts of it. i can't trust its whole parts because i don't really immerse into it well.karma could be a myth perhaps?

14 October 2010

Bop Up Scrutiny

November is coming in just less than three weeks.synonymously, final examination is approaching.this is bad man. yet i haven't occupy myself with anything required for the papers.wonder when i'm gonna start studying.am i gonna do revision on my own or wait for my friends to study in a group.what would they say if i get ready for the exam alone.i might not be the best student in this college but somehow they need me to study together with them.perhaps they prefer this style of studying.after all it's a good thing though.well at least, we could have a groupthink so that we won't miss any points discussed and learned during lecture.

05 October 2010

Socially Retarded

Life is getting busy with stuff.My october's schedule is ridiculously packed with:
  1. Assignments (WTF once!)
  2. R&D Exhibition (WTF twice!)
  3. Preparation for the coming final exam (WTF thrice!)    
My head feels like cracking and exploding due to these ridiculous stuff.exam's just few weeks away and i'm not ready for anything and not even started doing any revisions yet.I need to cover the syllabus for the whole 3 semesters of foundation study,like what the fuck! seriously, I ain't ready for this and apparently, my plan to do some sort of revision this coming weeks has been distracted by a stupid college exhibition where I and my course mates have to, particularly forced (to be exact)  to represent my college's english language department for this so called R&D exhibition.this is just absurd.damn it man.