14 October 2010

Bop Up Scrutiny

November is coming in just less than three weeks.synonymously, final examination is approaching.this is bad man. yet i haven't occupy myself with anything required for the papers.wonder when i'm gonna start studying.am i gonna do revision on my own or wait for my friends to study in a group.what would they say if i get ready for the exam alone.i might not be the best student in this college but somehow they need me to study together with them.perhaps they prefer this style of studying.after all it's a good thing though.well at least, we could have a groupthink so that we won't miss any points discussed and learned during lecture.

let be honest.actually i never paid any attentions during the lecture due to the worse class environment.being treated like some high school students though we are already in a tertiary education is sucks man.i hate this kind of learning circumstance.it was way beyond my expectation when i first set foot in this place.i thought it would be the same like any other universities or colleges where students are lectured in a mass lecture hall.this whole damn school class thing is fucking lame.fine, i never like this place and even hate it.

oh let's start scratching about exam back again.i unofficially has got the schedule from some friends on facebook.some of them made it as an event and invited me and some tag a picture of it.i should thank them for that or else i might still scratching around looking for the itinerary. my papers will be on 1st, 2nd, then 8th and 9th of nov which consist of only for English papers.of course,it's all about English cos imma English major student or we call it TESL in case you might not know.let's list the papers below;

1st Nov- Language Descriptions.(I'm a grammar noob so gotta stress on this paper more)
2nd Nov- Language Development. ( literally,a class where I can bring my pillow along during the lecture)
8th Nov- English Studies ( literature is not my stuff but no matter what i still need to do lots of revisions for this paper) susah bai.kau dapat C pun dah kira boleh buat sujud syukur doe.
9th Nov- Social Studies ( just need to do some readings and understandings in order to chew the theories and all)

that's it. four papers altogether and afterward i'm no longer a foundation student! by the way, i'm gonna be transferred into a new college where the niche is real English and not Malay language instead. tell you man, it is really tough being the only foreign language students in the so called mother tongue niche school. not to mention being alienated and condemned by some typical Malay culprits who can't accept any revolution in their life. just some okay? still, i love my friends here. i mean my own batch.let alone the so called seniors and juniors. ain't of my concern after all.

let's just hope i could do well in this exam without requiring me to repeat those papers again particularly English which is really crucial.

*piles of assignments are still on the list* Damn.

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