05 October 2010

Socially Retarded

Life is getting busy with stuff.My october's schedule is ridiculously packed with:
  1. Assignments (WTF once!)
  2. R&D Exhibition (WTF twice!)
  3. Preparation for the coming final exam (WTF thrice!)    
My head feels like cracking and exploding due to these ridiculous stuff.exam's just few weeks away and i'm not ready for anything and not even started doing any revisions yet.I need to cover the syllabus for the whole 3 semesters of foundation study,like what the fuck! seriously, I ain't ready for this and apparently, my plan to do some sort of revision this coming weeks has been distracted by a stupid college exhibition where I and my course mates have to, particularly forced (to be exact)  to represent my college's english language department for this so called R&D exhibition.this is just absurd.damn it man.

lecturer has already asking what kind of presentation we'll gonna exhibit soon.heck, i couldn't care less about it.why don't they just find anyone else and not us instead.yes, i can give commitments if they want to,but what about my commitments to the other things?like piles of yet to submitted assignments.gonna deal with three essays that need to be written around 1500 words which by right I am totally out of any idea to write about.the thing is all those essays gotta to be submitted within this week.shoot!

talking about this dumb things will just make my head cracks even more though.ugh.i can't stop swearing under my breath when thinking bout it.

Despite I might be social retard this whole month yet I won't myself to the current trend these days which is a total happening.Wanna know bout it?ehem2,drum roll please! well i just got myself a Blackberry! I repeat,Blackberry  peeps! this is the current happs device right now as we all know right? though it isn't  an expensive one, still, I got myself one which totally cool for me. I know I couldn't afford the latest or the pricey one.*oh saya datang dari keluarga yang susah* I bought blackberry curve javelin.got a wireless connection which is the specification which I've been looking in a device ever since.Now,i can go online anytime and anywhere or even blogging using my smartphone.woohoo!

Gotta go now.need to work my ass off for some ASSignments.

p/s; gonna find myself a nice holster for my new girlfriend,er the blackberry i mean.lol

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