25 October 2010

When Karma Speaks

This is just another sequel from this previous post.ceh macam movie sequel la pulak.poyo betul.abaikan.

Some says truth is just the only way to resolve any problems but apparently some of them might not be able to accept it lightheartedly. In fact, will deny it hard.that's the fact though.most of us believe in karma where people often say what goes around comes around.you got my point there.i myself believe in karma.well at least some parts of it. i can't trust its whole parts because i don't really immerse into it well.karma could be a myth perhaps?

oh i'll just go straight without straying away from the track anymore.this is just about that guy whose i wrote about weeks ago who made me fucked up with him of course.it seemed all his true color were out from the closet where people started to talk about him.patience has its limit so that's it.all I can see his so called friends can't stand him anymore.they started to reveal what the fuck he had done to them.surprisingly, I thought it was only me who was totally fucked up with him; turns out to be few of us.honestly,I'm glad to know that some other guys or most of them loathe him as well.for some instance or at least I have someone who I can talk to about him.uh should i say this? he trusted me actually for willing listening to his problem with some of his course mates.did he actually believe what did i say bout his friends? how pathetic.i was just being hypocrite with him.yeah I'm a dick that way! what?expect me to be on his side rather than my friends?that would be totally absurd.

you keep saying er 'what you give is what you get' which you tried to relate it with karma thingy. i don't know where did you find this thing.maybe from some song lyrics or something.that i don't care.man, ain't you realize it? this fucking words should be said to you and it won't be you who should say it to anyone else.in the end of the day karma has kicked you in the butt and not anyone else instead.

I'd better sign off now.I've got a more important thing to do. gotta work my ass hard for finals.I hate finals!

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