29 November 2010

The Heart Never Lies

Instinct.One word which may lead to angel or demon of the life.choose it wisely.there's no turning point when you chose the road less traveled.instinct is the heart language where it speaks to us when we ask him.it's either you follow what your heart say or not.my thought keep saying the heart never lies.you should not turn your face against it when your hearts begins to utter its powerful words.pure words which come underneath your own breath stored under the rib cage.

speaking of heart,i happen to regain myself alone,started to brood over and then one tiny piece of memory came flying without wings.mostly i will brood over my friends people whom i always spend my time with.the tiny memory opened up it's scratchy cover of an old friend of mine.we used to be really closed with each other.best friends i would say.now we are being just friends ( i guess).

28 November 2010

Too Soon to Teach

You see the picture?know what it is?let me answer it for you.nay,you can figure out yourself.my hellish holiday has been finally filled up with something.I got a job offer and I took it immediately.actually i have been offered with the same job thrice.which is teaching at a tuition center;English of course.the first one in Bangi nearby my house,then in Gombak;quite distant from my place so i ditched it,finally i got another offer here in my hometown in Kelantan.

it was really a good thing cos i thought i might not be able to work anymore since i'm spending my holidays here.thanks to my sister for recommending me to the owner of the center ;) the job sounded simple at first; all i need to do was imparting them with some English basics particularly grammar then i will ask them to finish up the exercise in the book given.heard what i should do, i told myself it was an easy job knitted with proud feel at heart since i felt that i am a teacher trainee so it was not a big deal to teach kids (standard 5 and 6 are still considered as kids).

26 November 2010

Blog Addict

Quite many things happen in life lately.it's kinda make my life turned upside down.boredom keeps hunting,unstable biological clock; i'm becoming a werewolf hunting for prey at night.well literally.i can't shut my eye lid even for a second every night. i will just end up sleeping after dawn prayer where people just wake up to start their job and all but i'm living the other way.*sigh*.misunderstanding with a friend which led to a cold war that made words being swallowed.not even a word is spitted till now.thing has changed.each has moved with their own life.wallet which only brings RM3.how am i gonna live this freaking life people?you tell me.

Endless Doubt

Please, spit a word, at least

doubt will just lead to another scenario

show the sincerity from the bottom of the heart

screw the ego and hide it beneath the pants

word of sorry is uttered

what else then?

i just can't understand some people out there.i don't get it,really.

25 November 2010

Wrap Up

I don't have much to say.sudah penat merapu.so i'm just gonna put as much photos as i can as a wrap up throughout one and a half year of my foundation studies.lots of great things happened as well as the worse.

let's begin with the freshie years or the first semester.I think I don't have much photos during this time.never mind let's dig up. i will just put some random photos of us.

23 November 2010

Self Condemnation

As we grow older we experience so many things in life.either good or bad.we get through life without knowing the forth consequences.dude, stop the lame rambling.okay fine.

i have lived on this baked earth for nearly twenty years.so many things happened.i went to school,college and soon i'll have my own career.

lets not talk about my boring life here cos i got a better thing to tell you.not to tell.just share.isn't that the same thing? quit this crap now,will ya?

22 November 2010

Slow Death

I'm technically broke.I got no financial resources so far.staying in kampung is making my life more horrible.i'm living in hell baby! i have no place to go.like the most interesting place to go is bowling,karaoke and i don't know what else. for God's sake i really need to go to cinema.unfortunately there's no cinemas here.i wanna see movies so badly.i'm supposed to watch Harry Potter on the first day of its premiere but then.sigh.blame my decision for deciding to tag along with others to go back to the hometown.

19 November 2010

False Definition

Let's look at the ticking clock,oh holy crap! it's 4.00 am in the morning and i'm still wide awake.the word friendship keeps spinning around my head right now.speaking about friendship makes me driven in the term best friends.i have no idea why but i just can't stop thinking about it.

it came crossing on my mind how some people define this word.different people have distinctive perspectives about it and yeah i know that.the most cliche definition is best friends must always stick with you together even to the toilet, well, literally.for me it's a wrong crappy definition.

as for me, i define it in a more simple way.best friends don't have to be with you every time.keep in touch with each other is good enough or keep updating each other's life frequently.it doesn't have to be the other way around like you must go out together every time and other things that associated.seriously,it's not me.that's why i'm easy to make best friends or perhaps i don't have any.lmao.just kidding.i got plenty of them.some of them might not even i consider me as their best friend though i did otherwise to them but never mind.let's just live the life.So peeps please don't give me any false definition about best friends.



I'm dead meat man.I finally get caught by my dad.obviously i'm gonna have to confront him and make an unholy confession to him.so yeah i'm fucking freaking out dude.i was such a fool leaving the bag left unzipped.never thought someone would accidentally open it up.argh!damn it! "don't ever get close or even be friends with any smokers"okay,itu kata-kata hikmat seorang ayah kepada anaknya.then turned out to be he found that his own beloved son is a smoker.can you actually imagine that?for sure he will be damn disappointed with me and not to mention i kinda broke his heart though.he didn't have the chance to meet and talk with me today cos i woke up late and he's been busy with his own business.

i know at my age level, i'm legal to smoke.no one can actually object it.but when it comes to parents,there's another matter to talk about.no parents will allow their children to smoke (duh! obviously).they might already know you are a smoker and cool about it yet deep in heart i know they are actually hurt.

let's skip to the end.initially, i thought my mom took my cigarettes but she actually didn't.it was my dad! i went to his bedroom and dug up the dustbin and found the box of guilty pleasure in it.i couldn't save any of it though.it's all broken into pieces.like a stick of candy being broke into parts.my fear was mounting after that. wondering what i'm gonna tell my dad.eventually,i promised myself not to take the cancer sticks anymore cos i know i'll break his heart again and again.i hope i can keep this promise and it ain't become an empty phrase.

broke into pieces

Sorry Dad :(

17 November 2010

Wrong Choice

I was given an option either wanna stay in KL or pack my stuff to celebrate raya in my hometown. i kinda wanna stay home cos i planned to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows on the first day of its premiere.turned out to be i insincerely packed my stuff and stuck it up into the car;ready to go back to Kelantan which was a bad decision due a certain reason.

15 November 2010

Unwishful Valediction

That's it.the time has come.has come for me to leave this place err college like,forever.after struggling like hell for one and a half year.foundation years tell so many sugary memories of me and my friends here.a picture can't even tells a thousand story of it.so many things happened.the best and of cos the worst.let alone the worst cos i'm not gonna say who's good and who's bad here.i'm writing for my whole friends particularly best friends who we got through our life thick and thin.

11 November 2010

Burghal Bail Out

burnt out with city life and was dying out of boredom in this spooky hostel, a friend of mine popped out with an outing idea.since we didn't have papers anymore after the first two papers (finals won't stop us from going out and having fun ha ha). he gave me a wake up call on a fine-papers-free wednesday which only one plan is set up; sleep without any distractions! i was just ok with that plan after all since i had nothing to do that day. Ulu Yam recreation park (sort of it) was the destination to reach.
parental advisory.18sx.lol

we rented a car nearby our college.rm50 per day.that wasn't cost much since we shared with four persons.all guys of course.the car conditions was pretty astray from my expectation though. i expected it to be shiny,well-serviced,smoothly run engined but turned out to be it was a nearly a piece-of-junk to be.LOL.thank God it could still run on the road. it was such an acquaintance driving that kind of car. since we are the geography-blind guys it took us nearly 3 hours to reach there which supposedly takes one and half hour cos none of us knew the exact way of the place!memang gamble ar.*salah jalan mula meracau cari u-turn*