26 November 2010

Blog Addict

Quite many things happen in life lately.it's kinda make my life turned upside down.boredom keeps hunting,unstable biological clock; i'm becoming a werewolf hunting for prey at night.well literally.i can't shut my eye lid even for a second every night. i will just end up sleeping after dawn prayer where people just wake up to start their job and all but i'm living the other way.*sigh*.misunderstanding with a friend which led to a cold war that made words being swallowed.not even a word is spitted till now.thing has changed.each has moved with their own life.wallet which only brings RM3.how am i gonna live this freaking life people?you tell me.

bored to death
i'm not gonna write things that can provoke a fight between friends or writing to insult them.let it be a mistake made in a life once without other continuous episodes like a drama directed by son of Adam.it was awful though.guilty keeps swimming and seeking for the loopholes in my head to bail out.enough of this.it's not worth talking.

a sudden realization has hit me.i just realized that i can't stop writing posts on my blog.like everyday.it's like a daily routine.at certain point it becomes a habit.it doesn't matter whether the stuff i wrote and i pen down are worth reading or not.i don't need people to judge it.i just wanna let my heart speaks its words without hiding in a dark closet.i won't keep it hidden long cos it will just end up rot like a bread been infected by fungus and eventually reach its expiry date.

so yeah, i have become a blogger freak i guess.it's fun actually.expressing what you feel and what you think.words are not there to keep.it's for us to speak it.on the bright side,it can fill up my time during the holidays instead of being a lazy bum at home! i admit that the only thing i do is sitting in front of my notebook nearly 24 hours a day.okay fine for one whole week.but i do things.like right now i'm updating my blog.see, that's the things i meant.get it?

i only know one reason why i have become a blog addict.BOREDOM.yeah, one word which make one's life going nowhere.this damn word makes my life become a mess.i'm screw up dude! so call me a blog addict.this is what i am now.but i ain't no drug addict of course.LOL.

perhaps i'll be a writer soon?who knows.

p/s: surprisingly i have been living without killing sticks for 3 days.God bless me.ha ha


  1. now u know what i felt during my 3months' break~
    bored to death :P

  2. OMG yes.it's juz only for 2 weeks.im dying.sigh