11 November 2010

Burghal Bail Out

burnt out with city life and was dying out of boredom in this spooky hostel, a friend of mine popped out with an outing idea.since we didn't have papers anymore after the first two papers (finals won't stop us from going out and having fun ha ha). he gave me a wake up call on a fine-papers-free wednesday which only one plan is set up; sleep without any distractions! i was just ok with that plan after all since i had nothing to do that day. Ulu Yam recreation park (sort of it) was the destination to reach.
parental advisory.18sx.lol

we rented a car nearby our college.rm50 per day.that wasn't cost much since we shared with four persons.all guys of course.the car conditions was pretty astray from my expectation though. i expected it to be shiny,well-serviced,smoothly run engined but turned out to be it was a nearly a piece-of-junk to be.LOL.thank God it could still run on the road. it was such an acquaintance driving that kind of car. since we are the geography-blind guys it took us nearly 3 hours to reach there which supposedly takes one and half hour cos none of us knew the exact way of the place!memang gamble ar.*salah jalan mula meracau cari u-turn*

went to gas station intending to ask the direction but heck the staff didn't know the way as well.kawan aku tanya mamat bangla mana entah,then amet called a friend of his asking for the right direction.thank God that he told us the right path without us getting lost anymore.
the stiflers!

en route to the valley is just another story.apparently we did not even plan which spot we were gonna stop by.nah hamek kau,sampai masuk pekan ulu yam bagai.then patah balik.eventually we found a good spot with waterfall and all.air dia sumpah sejuk gila doe.i was barely able to hold anything and even speak.i was shivering like hell.sumpah seronok bai.oh mahu pergi lagi lah.

it was such euphoria spending time together with my best pals.

abe,amet,edan bila mahu pergi lagi?
mahu balik.

p/s;can't put much photos.too sexy to be seen.haha

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