19 November 2010


I'm dead meat man.I finally get caught by my dad.obviously i'm gonna have to confront him and make an unholy confession to him.so yeah i'm fucking freaking out dude.i was such a fool leaving the bag left unzipped.never thought someone would accidentally open it up.argh!damn it! "don't ever get close or even be friends with any smokers"okay,itu kata-kata hikmat seorang ayah kepada anaknya.then turned out to be he found that his own beloved son is a smoker.can you actually imagine that?for sure he will be damn disappointed with me and not to mention i kinda broke his heart though.he didn't have the chance to meet and talk with me today cos i woke up late and he's been busy with his own business.

i know at my age level, i'm legal to smoke.no one can actually object it.but when it comes to parents,there's another matter to talk about.no parents will allow their children to smoke (duh! obviously).they might already know you are a smoker and cool about it yet deep in heart i know they are actually hurt.

let's skip to the end.initially, i thought my mom took my cigarettes but she actually didn't.it was my dad! i went to his bedroom and dug up the dustbin and found the box of guilty pleasure in it.i couldn't save any of it though.it's all broken into pieces.like a stick of candy being broke into parts.my fear was mounting after that. wondering what i'm gonna tell my dad.eventually,i promised myself not to take the cancer sticks anymore cos i know i'll break his heart again and again.i hope i can keep this promise and it ain't become an empty phrase.

broke into pieces

Sorry Dad :(


  1. i can see the anger in the broken cigarettes..

  2. couldn't say more.i've confronted him btw.thank God he wasn't tht mad.*phew* he just nag a little bit..

  3. berhenti.stop.stop.smoking.
    aku sokong dari jauh.
    yakin boleh!

  4. tengah dlm proses.so far dah 2 hari x amik.thnks anyway!

  5. hey babe!!such very tragedic scene of ur sticks..hoh0h,bt then i cant imagine hw he was jz gve u a lttle nag after tat cz frm wht i cn c..bt hw ur sticks end their life..i cn imagine hw ur dad was when he was found them in ur bag..teribly mad..warghhhhh..so scared 0_0