19 November 2010

False Definition

Let's look at the ticking clock,oh holy crap! it's 4.00 am in the morning and i'm still wide awake.the word friendship keeps spinning around my head right now.speaking about friendship makes me driven in the term best friends.i have no idea why but i just can't stop thinking about it.

it came crossing on my mind how some people define this word.different people have distinctive perspectives about it and yeah i know that.the most cliche definition is best friends must always stick with you together even to the toilet, well, literally.for me it's a wrong crappy definition.

as for me, i define it in a more simple way.best friends don't have to be with you every time.keep in touch with each other is good enough or keep updating each other's life frequently.it doesn't have to be the other way around like you must go out together every time and other things that associated.seriously,it's not me.that's why i'm easy to make best friends or perhaps i don't have any.lmao.just kidding.i got plenty of them.some of them might not even i consider me as their best friend though i did otherwise to them but never mind.let's just live the life.So peeps please don't give me any false definition about best friends.


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