29 November 2010

The Heart Never Lies

Instinct.One word which may lead to angel or demon of the life.choose it wisely.there's no turning point when you chose the road less traveled.instinct is the heart language where it speaks to us when we ask him.it's either you follow what your heart say or not.my thought keep saying the heart never lies.you should not turn your face against it when your hearts begins to utter its powerful words.pure words which come underneath your own breath stored under the rib cage.

speaking of heart,i happen to regain myself alone,started to brood over and then one tiny piece of memory came flying without wings.mostly i will brood over my friends people whom i always spend my time with.the tiny memory opened up it's scratchy cover of an old friend of mine.we used to be really closed with each other.best friends i would say.now we are being just friends ( i guess).

going straight to the point, i kinda doubt his sincerity of being my friend.at certain point,my heart says he never regard me as his own friend.we might have a lot of talks with each other,hanging out together and other guys' stuff.but then,that's the problem.i think he never see me as his friend in his eyes.it's just complicated.i'm out of words to define, out of mind to imagine, out of sight to fantasize. Some with anger, some with hatred, some with vengeance.

since then,i have reached my turning point. i asked myself why do i need this kind of person to be in my personal life? I'd rather not be friends with anyone people than having this fucking fake friend.now,he's dead to me.i have plenty of true friends out there.i just wish you may rot in hell.anyhow,i can't turn my trust against my heart cos it never speak lies to me.i believe what my heart whispers to me.

this is just a random post actually.lame,really.

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