23 November 2010

Self Condemnation

As we grow older we experience so many things in life.either good or bad.we get through life without knowing the forth consequences.dude, stop the lame rambling.okay fine.

i have lived on this baked earth for nearly twenty years.so many things happened.i went to school,college and soon i'll have my own career.

lets not talk about my boring life here cos i got a better thing to tell you.not to tell.just share.isn't that the same thing? quit this crap now,will ya?

being around so many people like family,friends,neighbors and relatives makes me wanna carry out something.let just say it as an experiment or perhaps an observation.i know not all people around me will like me or most probably they loathe me.so here's the thing.it's not a serious so called experiment actually or to be exact not an experiment at all.i just wanna play around with people ;p

let's get serious.this situation makes me wonder how many people out there hates me or dislikes me due to my my behaviors,attitude or whatsoever.thats the subject of the talk.then after i get the 'result', i will compare it with how much i don't give a single damn about it.tell you peeps, i don't care.it would be easier for me to get rid of you in my life.don't you get it?

lets do it like a real business. i mean experiment which involve maths.let say i got 10 people who hate me.later i will count the percentage of it.the next thing is i will compare it with the percentage of how much i don't care.still, i will be the winner.that's for sure.get it?

the matter is why bother to be sad,being hard feeling,disappointed so on and so forth with them?don't ever throw a tantrum if you finally found out that someone hates you.let them be.you've got a better life to lead.don't let this single fucking thing cut across your line.hatred will just make your life more miserable.am i right?
i'm gonna have this printed tee soon ;p

i'm signing off people.adieu!

oh one more thing.the title has nothing to do with the post.frankly i have nothing to regret in my life.xoxo.

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