22 November 2010

Slow Death

I'm technically broke.I got no financial resources so far.staying in kampung is making my life more horrible.i'm living in hell baby! i have no place to go.like the most interesting place to go is bowling,karaoke and i don't know what else. for God's sake i really need to go to cinema.unfortunately there's no cinemas here.i wanna see movies so badly.i'm supposed to watch Harry Potter on the first day of its premiere but then.sigh.blame my decision for deciding to tag along with others to go back to the hometown.

i'm basically not doing anything here so far.just being a lazy bum.going online 24 hours a day.watching movies,drama series like How I Met Your Mother.it hilarious guys.these are the only things that can curb my deadly boredom here.i barely step my foot on the ground.i mean outside the house.some people didn't even know that i'm gonna spend my holiday in kampung due to my laziness to go out.well,i don't have much friends here.not as much as i have in KL.but too bad some of them are not on their holidays.never mind,at least some of them are.we can still go out anytime if we want to.holidays also ruined my food intake pattern.i eat like 5 times a day.can you believe that? i'm supposed to eat not more than 3 times a day cos its already a habit and a way not to gain weight.

never mind,i'm just gonna let the days pass by.live the life here as it is.wait for the next year to come for freshmen year in a new college.

someone has made me become a sinner instead of being saint.we'll see who's evil here.

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