28 November 2010

Too Soon to Teach

You see the picture?know what it is?let me answer it for you.nay,you can figure out yourself.my hellish holiday has been finally filled up with something.I got a job offer and I took it immediately.actually i have been offered with the same job thrice.which is teaching at a tuition center;English of course.the first one in Bangi nearby my house,then in Gombak;quite distant from my place so i ditched it,finally i got another offer here in my hometown in Kelantan.

it was really a good thing cos i thought i might not be able to work anymore since i'm spending my holidays here.thanks to my sister for recommending me to the owner of the center ;) the job sounded simple at first; all i need to do was imparting them with some English basics particularly grammar then i will ask them to finish up the exercise in the book given.heard what i should do, i told myself it was an easy job knitted with proud feel at heart since i felt that i am a teacher trainee so it was not a big deal to teach kids (standard 5 and 6 are still considered as kids).

the first day of my job has finally come.so i went to the place with barely other feeling except curious cos i wanted to see who my student are.at the beginning of the class as usual we did some ice breaking.i introduced myself.i just gave them my name haha.then,butterfly started flying in my tummy.i have no idea why but i felt kinda nervous to teach the pupils but acted normal.started to teach.a sudden realization hit me hard though.that i'm really good when it comes to face-to-face interaction because i was shy.silly me to feel embarrass to talk with kids!thank god the stupid feeling finally brushed  away a little bit.the class went on till the last ticking clock.

dude,i got another wake up call buzzed me.another realization crashed in mind.let me remind you people out there.being a TEACHER as well as to TEACH someone is not easy,really.no kidding.Gosh,i think this is the hardest thing i have done in my life.true people,i will kick your ass if you ever say teaching someone is easy.yes we can impart them the knowledge and all but are we guarantee that they get what we give them?you ask yourself.one more thing which makes me say this because i'm dealing with kids.immature thoughts.everything has to be spoon feed.i know it's just only a tuition class where they get some sort of additional knowledge of what they have learned in school.but i have my own responsible as their tutor in the class.i need to give the double understanding.

one question here: how do you yourself define teachers? for me,a teacher is a performer. If a teacher is a performer, the students are the audience (or script editors, as much of what the performer says is determined by them), the classroom is the theater, the administration is the producer, parents are critics/patrons, and the curriculum is the script or the production as a whole. I chose this metaphor because it was a comparison that I thought of often during my brief time teaching. I have never before been called upon to perform as many different roles as I did during this time. On any given day, I might have been a comedian, a motivational speaker, a disciplinarian, a counselor, a confidante, or a role model. Some days I felt like a parent.that's my definition of a teacher.what about you?

after all,taking this job is a real advantage to me.i can picture my own weaknesses because sooner or later i will have to teach in school (sooner in the mean of four years time) as a real teacher.a well trained teacher with skills,charisma and all.how lucky i am to grab this chance.while teaching, i sort of could picture myself as a teacher soon.

i need to polish up my skills more in teaching.i'm still not good at it.i know.

i will make sure that i will light up my students path of life when i become a teacher soon.

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