15 November 2010

Unwishful Valediction

That's it.the time has come.has come for me to leave this place err college like,forever.after struggling like hell for one and a half year.foundation years tell so many sugary memories of me and my friends here.a picture can't even tells a thousand story of it.so many things happened.the best and of cos the worst.let alone the worst cos i'm not gonna say who's good and who's bad here.i'm writing for my whole friends particularly best friends who we got through our life thick and thin.

i can't deny the sad feeling of leaving my friends here.okay,call me being sentimental if you want to.i know i'm just gonna be transferred just beside this place yet i can't say that i'm happy with that.obviously it would take time for me to get know new people though i might have known some of them and mingling in a new atmosphere.so-called english atmosphere where i deserve to be and not in this mother tongue school.frankly i'm not ready with all of this.it took me almost two years to be close with my friends now yet i have to leave them next year.yes, we have BBM,facebook,skype,ym, so on and so forth but i don't think i can compare it with physical times spent with them and not virtually instead.

most of my friends here know that i'm the of guy who is not easy to make friends with some new random people out there.i have to choose yet i don't have any preferences on who can be my friends and who can't.i'm easy going peeps.how i wonder who'll be my friends there and who ain't.at this moment i feel as though time flies like rocket.it envy me and my friends here.gosh! i can't even say how am i feeling right now.it's such an uncertain feeling comes shooting in my pregnant mind.

people who i can't erase in my thought:

i'll start with my course mates at the first place which i spent most of my lecture time with them though i know most of you won't read this. i'll just generally pen it down.well, i might be a dick in class sometimes or most of the times with my biting sarcasms which can't stop biting the girls especially  Pupu,Thivya,and San.sorry girls can't stop this second nature.next,The Stiflers! hey, we are brothers. we did evil things together like copying others' assignments lol,studying for exam together,having brunch together basically we did everything together despite we would have a tiny crisis while working our ass off for certain job given but let just forgive and forget.okay Edan,Hazman and I'd? lets talk about my good girl friend which goes to nadia! you might be pretty annoying sometimes (no offense babe) but i know it's the way you are.i enjoy be friend with you though.for mira,debbie,ain,athirah,anip,reen,farhana and nurma i'm sorry if i have done anything wrong to you guys okay. you guys are great friends of mine.*halalkan segala makan dan minum*okay?

the guys;
arif a.k.a abe: my roommate.the closest people in my life here.we might be living in a different world but we mingle in both well.gonna miss ya dude.wait for me besut.i'll sure come.
arep & roy: neighbor.seronok lepak bilik korang tapi tak pernah nak belajar bahasa utara haha.roy sila berhenti jadi hero gadis.kidding yaw.
wak & azli: ex-rommates. this two guys are like brothers.always stick together anytime and anywhere.azli sila lebatkan rambut dan bulu.wak,kau memang buat aku rasa loser gila kalau pegi karaoke dengan kau.
aiman & pain: aiman.he's my another best friends here.cool and sempoi.pain,tak habis-habis takut awek haha.
zack & amet: another awesome friends.zack, i just can't stop laughing when he starts cracking his spontaneous jokes.like;"nak balik kampung naik karpet terbang."fine,he thought he's Alladin.LOL.amet,the live gps.can't resist any hang out plans.hookah is our partner whenever we go overnight somewhere.
jep & din: jep,the guitarist,a shy person.i assume he's quite secretive perhaps.din: the tech savvy and taukey topup haha.kidding.
hazman (abe) & kirk: thick as thieves at first then you know the tale guys.no offense..abe;never knew he can't swim.haha.okay,a funny guy,another stiflers,quite unpredictable.well his personal life is none of my concern though, as long as he is still my best friends.looking forward to going to jertih soon.
farid & wafi: gang hang out and tempat pow rokok gulung.seronok lepak dengan korang and story sana sini.
bobby: mamat yang tak reti nak duduk diam and ada je lawak dia.
edan: good boy as being called by a lecturer which a total contradiction to me.LMAO.he is indeed a good boy.another stiflers of course ;)
hakim,pejal,azim: the best best friends.too many to be told about them.people here knows how close we are.we are still BFF guys.
I'd: another tech savvy,a charming hacker haha,budak surau (tenang hati jadi kawan kau),another stiflers of course ;)

sorry guys i can't mention all the names here cos there are too many of you.nevertheless, all of you are my friends;BEST FRIENDS!

again, i would like to say my humble apology for all my wrongdoings.halalkan segala makan minum?

i'm signing off folks.one thing for sure,i'm not gonna involve myself in any ugly friendships.

oh btw, i really am not looking forward to going to IPBA. i don't wanna go there,like, seriously no.

p/s; can't stick any pictures cos i'm writing this on aiman's notebook ;)


  1. hey where are you going? ipba what's that?

    hah aku dah abes first year. lega doh.

  2. gonna do my first year in a new college.institut pendidikan guru bahasa antarabangsa.
    aku belum.tahun depan baru masuk first year.bila fly?

  3. bahasa antarabangsa? english, you mean? you've always wanted to do that?

    february next year. australia.

  4. yup.this college's niche is english.the place where i'm supposed to be instead of kampus bahasa melayu for my foundation.then they decided to transfer us to this antarabangsa school for my degree years.
    oh.good luck and all the best.*pretty envious*