25 November 2010

Wrap Up

I don't have much to say.sudah penat merapu.so i'm just gonna put as much photos as i can as a wrap up throughout one and a half year of my foundation studies.lots of great things happened as well as the worse.

let's begin with the freshie years or the first semester.I think I don't have much photos during this time.never mind let's dig up. i will just put some random photos of us.

klcc sky bridge baby

dinner 09

merdeka 52

the girls (teslian)

pangkor (abaikan perempuan2 itu)

1 Malaysia i guess?
next semester 2.koleksi gambar semakin bertambah.

boys night out.there were more of us actually

BB night out.

Ean Hitz.fm

Physical Education

Broga Hill

we are hookaholic


can't describe this pic.LOL


Finally, the last semester; the third.the last but not least.it won't just end here.


53rd Independence

study week

town escape.ulu yam

Zack's birthday bash

Awesome triplets ;)

16 sexiest creature

screw you paparazzi! lmao

too hot to hook up

fact: the bouquet was not for him

when best friends meet.don't envy us
those are the pictures which tell so many indescribable tales of me and my fellow friends.too many things happened but we got through it thick and thin.it's just like a summary of my life in college throughout the years.

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