17 November 2010

Wrong Choice

I was given an option either wanna stay in KL or pack my stuff to celebrate raya in my hometown. i kinda wanna stay home cos i planned to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows on the first day of its premiere.turned out to be i insincerely packed my stuff and stuck it up into the car;ready to go back to Kelantan which was a bad decision due a certain reason.

We (my bro,sister and me) took off around 9 hoping we could reach here right before people starts to perform hari raya prayer.halfway through it, to be exact at MRR2 highway,the road was packed with cars and all.trained along the path.i was like, damn! macam mana nak sampai kampung awal kalau jalan jam macam haram.thought that this traffic thingy only happened around kl then nah hambik kau,sampai bentong!then lepak-lepak dekat petronas bentong.had some coffee accompanied by killing sticks.

*meneruskan perjalanan dalam keadaa traffic yang macam sial* still hoping we could reach kampung at dawn or earlier.i suddenly fell asleep and woke up looking at the watch that showed 6 something yet we were still in Kuala Lipis.damn musnah harapan nak sembahyang raya.to make it short we arrived at our destination around 12.wtf! raya yang tak ada makna langsung.tak sempat nak pakai baju melayu pun.tahun depan dah tobat tak mahu balik kampung.

i should have chose to stay home instead of tagging along with them.entah bila la boleh tengok harry potter.

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