18 December 2010

Hey,That's Me!

We need to upl0ad the cute pink jelly above.

2)Then, put a picture 0f 0urselves.

3)Then, f0ll0wed by s0me intr0ducti0n ab0ut 0urselves.

4)Then, a wishlist f0r December.

4)Put the title 'itu aku' f0r this entry!

5)Finally, tag an0ther 5 pers0n :)

 2) Picture perfect memories.

3) I am who I am.I don't need people to judge me.It's is strictly prohibited,in fact.Enough said.

4) December's-to-do

=write as many posts as I can..working on it.
=get a new watch,messenger bag and a few tees..check!
=find a way to get rid of fucking acne's scars on my face..damn, it's hard!
=go to my best friend's place,hazman..check!
=book a ticket to KL..check!
=soccer's jersey..still looking.
=read any thick books (novel particularly) available..still finding.
=christmas at a friend's place..looking forward to it.
=movie marathon..check!
=hanging out with Alia,Dowl and some others..oh can't wait. 
=counting the days for freshmen year in college..still counting.

5)  here goes the list:


  1. In the script of your life, I am just an extra. But wait for next season next year, who knows that I will be someone influential in the script? haha,I should ask the scriptwriter then.

    P/S: Ignore the ramblings. I just love the name of your blog. It is so meaningful and deep. BTW, happy blogging!

  2. who knows you'll be the main cast of my script?haha.nay,the scriptwriter should offer the actor whether he wanna be in my life drama or not haha.

    aww thanks!like,a lot!thanks for following btw.