08 December 2010

Hi Bang,Air Karat Ada?

I don't know why I'm writing this and why do I even write about it.I tend to write something which is not worth to debate about which is really insignificant.People won't just waste their time to debate about it though.Oh yeah,this is my blog people,my blog.I write anything I want without needing people to judge about it.save your comments to someone else.I'll be cool if you say something sensible.So we are already in school holidays for about three hellish weeks.Of course school kids won't feel anything about it.Holidays are something that they are really looking forward to.We all used to be kids back then,you know how meaningful holidays to you right.But then I'm not gonna talk about it.Let's talk about something else.

Spending my time in my hometown alarmed me on something that caught my eyes which happened to those school kids who are enjoying and wasting their times riding motorcycles heading to nowhere.Back and forth like a JKR worker,measuring the length of the road Hahaha.Their hairdos caught my eyes actually.I don't know what happened to kids nowadays.I don't mind if they wanna wear their hair punk,bangs or anything they want but they did something else.they seem to dye their hair with dark colors like dark brown,copper and even blond!LOL.

Come on kids,what happened to you huh?culture shock?You're just 10 years old,vulnerable kudos.you just follow what seem cool in your eyes.I don't fucking care what you wanna do to your hair but please do it properly.I wonder where did you get those dyes.how much its cost.I know you won't go to any salons to let the experts do it to you.Well if you realize that you can't afford to do it at salons just wait for the right time to come.Earn cash yourselves then there you go.Sunat pun belum,berlagak nak dye rambut? I still remember this moment. I once heard a kid told his friend this: "cuti sekolah nanti aku nak color rambut warna coklat macam abang aku." Then I asked the kid."what's so special of dying your hair?trying to look cool?wanna hook up with some girls? wanna look like mat saleh? how old are you huh?"then he was speechless.dare not to speak at all.haha.

Now kids would you mind to change your mindset? Pasting your hair with some cheap dyes ain't make you look cool or mat salleh at all.You're not gonna look like Brad Pitt or anyone though.You're a Malay.Don't try to be like others. let it be natural.it's the God's gift after all.I think that's enough.I won't right any further as long as you get what I'm trying to say.Now let's paint and color or drink or eat or whatever haha.

cayew nak nyambut cam dia boyeh?hahaha

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