22 December 2010

Hot Stuff Enough

The title sounds controversial,isn't?lol.It's nothing actually.Someone has tagged me in her latest post on her blog.That someone is Mira,a friend from college.Truth be told,I'm not really into this tag stuff actually.I prefer to write something serious.no,not "that" serious.just something about myself.But sometimes it's pretty fun to "write" this kind of post on the blog.Let's get it started yaw!
[1] 3 Names in your inbox cellphone
 Eyliana Elias 
Rabiha Awanis
Fasihah Suhada
[2] Your main ringtone?
I put my BB on silent most of the time.Okay,fine there's something wrong with its speaker actually.haha
[3] What U did at 12 last night?
had a talk with my brother while watching TV box
[4] Who was the last person U went out with?Where?
None.I don't have friends here in my hometown.pity me.
[5] The color of T-shirt you're wearing now?
 black and red checked shirt
[6] The last thing you did?
Posted a new update on my blog ;)
[7] 3 of your everyday favorite items?
[8] The color of your bedroom
pure white.(is there any of this kind of color?)
[9] How much money in your wallet now?
50 cents.I'm totally broke.
[10] Your favorite song?
Secret by One Republic.an everyday must listen song
[11] What will you do next weekend?
go out for movie and some shopping and a visit to a friend's place for Christmas
[12] When was the last time U saw Ur Mum?
5 min back
{13] Where is she now?
Living room.
[14] When was the last time you talked to your parents?
Both dad and mom?can't remember.lol
[15] Who is the last person that texted U?
[16] Where did U have your dinner last night?
TGI Friday's.Nay,at home.
[17] The last surprise you got?
  [18] Last thing U borrowed from ur friends?
baju melayu from hazman when I spent my hiatus at his place
[19] What do you feel now?
bored to hell

[20] Who knows ur secret?

None.I'm secretive.live with it ;p
[21] They keep ur secret?

[22] Are you angry with someone?
nope.I have no reason to.

[23] What do you order at McD?
Depends on the latest meals.Like for now I order prosperity burger ;)

[24] The last time you felt so sad?
few weeks past

[25] What is your wish for tomorrow?
I wish I could reach home safely

[26] Who will U tag next?
anyone who feels like posting this on their blog