10 December 2010

I Could Really Use Wish Right Now

Christmas is coming in about two weeks.Don't be surprised,I'm not gonna celebrate it of course but I do visit my friends' place to see how they celebrate it and got some presents too!The more the merrier peeps!Well on this festive season I also have my own wish list.I don't have much to wish,I only have one item on my list.I am really dying to own one thing.One device to be exact and I want THIS so badly:


Yes folks,I want a DSLR camera so badly.I was madly fell in love with it since when I was still a high schooler and I still am.I don't mind not getting a pricey one since I'm still a newbie or let say a noob and I've got lot to learn yet.Too many things that I need to explore;to a be a photographer.I'm an amateur yet a professional soon-to-be.haha.I think that's clear enough,I don't have to explain further.Anyway, I'm so gonna get this as soon as I can.

I wish Santa Claus does really exist so that he can give me this for free.hahaha.
Okay,kidding ;)

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