03 December 2010

Misfigured Label

Firstly everyone should know that i am 19-year-old young stud.in less than a month i'm gonna be 20.leaving teen years don't make me old.age is just number.i'm still a young flesh, in fact.being youthful means you got yet a lot to experience and feel in your life.you tend to be up-to-date with current trends,all the thing you know is to have fun,being around with people you love and so on.you have curious heart where you wanna feel everything you find interesting and fun.

how Flinstone some people are,who are lost to the current trends who can't see people getting along with the flow.they tend to criticize or belittle those who are modern enough.poor them.one good instance is the hair people wearing now.guys keen to have a medium length or bangs;an obvious example is Justin Bieber like.picture it yourself.i'm wearing this kind of hair now (see the photo?).i'm comfortable since then.i love keeping my hair medium-length since bieber has not existed people.don't ever say that i'm trying to be like the kid!

let's get to the main point.above all,let me be clear to some who might not know out there.that i am a proud English teacher-to-be.yeah i'm a future educator.so what's the big deal?okay,here's the thing.some people inclined to put their mind setting that teacher should be pious,humble,low profile,conservative,not too fashionable,simple,naive,set a good example to the community,and so on.anything that might related.i have lost the word to list them all. fine,i don't do all that.teachers are supposed to be like that.teachers.but i'm only a future one which means i'm still on a training period.i'm still young though.oh come on.being a future teacher doesn't mean i have to be like one.i mean how i'm gonna live,what i wanna put on,how i wanna look like.no one can stop me.

as mentioned above i'm wearing bangs.let me tell the rest of the story.i went to my friend's place few days ago and met this older man.mid aged i guess.he stared at me from head to toe.i admit that i didn't dress appropriately.i just wore shorts and S-sized tee but that's not the issue.the issue is his eyes were marching on my hair.i was like,"whoa what's wrong with this old man? did i make something wrong?"then he started to throw his voice."kau ni nak jadi cikgu ke ape.dengan rambut macam ni?"yes that was harsh,i know.fine i don't blame him for the comment he made but one thing crossed my mind.I told myself that the old guy is orthodox.i forgave him. ha ha. *sigh* life wouldn't be fun and complete with fashions old man.

i don't wanna talk much about this actually.just so you know.being a future teacher won't make me like they wanna me to be.I've got a life to live bahh!

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