07 December 2010

Roller Coaster of Emotions

I just realized that I graduated high school two years back.It was like yesterday.Struggling and studying like a mad dog to excel in SPM with a mounting competition. How fast time rockets!Now, I went back there;yesterday.My old high school was the place I reached; Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Pengkalan Chepa to claim my SPM certificates.I don't know why I need this piece of paper.No one ever gave me the exact reason for that but we still need it after all.

the old school!

I almost forgot of how much I missed this place so damn much after two years left unattended.How sentimental I feel when I set my foot back there.The old memories came racing and marching in my head.I could see myself smiling when looking back at the place I used to be.I never thought the place I used to hate before peopled in my head's wall.I hated it because of the competition.How do I needed to race with Einstein-gene students during my schooling time.It was two hellish years for that.Let me tell you folks,the competition in my school back then was more torturing than my college now.In fact,I don't think I have any.No,seriously.

Upon reaching there,I looked around the whole place.The mnemonic was en mass.I saw my friends and I were giggling in one spot,rushing to the class in the morning,the time when we walked together en route to the library,the dining hall where weere like refugees during eating haha.too many to list ya know.Anyways,we had this one favorite spot where we spent most of our times studying together particularly during examination weeks and preps called Taman Ulat.It's a good spot for us to discuss among each other and we could smell the fresh air while revising.Let be honest,we spent most of the time talking than studying haha.That's what happen when you always stick to your group right.You got so many things to tell them then the books left unread.LOL.Sometimes we had a small party here as well.Like we ordered pizza or McD.this Taman Ulat is awesome.

I still can see myself sitting together with my friends ;)

I wish I could stay a little more longer but I didn't cos I was afraid that I would bump into some teachers haha.I don't know why I refused to see them but I just didn't want to.I mean it's like two years already,some of them might not even remember me anymore ( alasan tak hingat) haha.Never mind teachers.I'll see you when I have time soon.LOL.I just drove back straight away home after I got my piece.Not home actually,I went the shopping malls and did some shopping but this is another topic.

I edit this photo so that it'll looks like 20 or 50 years back.haha.baru la old school kan?

Au revoir MRSM PC.I wonder when I will be coming back here.Reunion?But when?


  1. lol~
    i do miss pc.
    it was hell but nothing is more remembered compared to it.

  2. i know right?I mean it was hell but of cos its the most place we can remembered.too many great things happened there.LOL