06 December 2010

Saint or Sinner ?

I have no idea why I'm writing this for real.Ah,forget it.this is my blog and I'm the speaker here.I write what I want and speak as the mind beholds.Oh,the title is totally insignificant with this post.Don't waste your time to debate about it. LOL

I have nothing particular to write actually.I just wanna say that I'm moving on with my life and from now on I won't let someone's insensitive behavior to dictate my moods since I am a grown up so I can live my life in a positive way.I won't let hatred to grow its selfish seed beneath my heart.I can't let myself living in hatred and resentment to someone cos I know it'll irrelevant at the end of the day.How handsome life is if we really appreciate it.go through it as it flows.

The longer I breath the air the more ups and downs orbiting my life.I can't always be on the top of the cycle.I don't know why it happened but I seem to be on the negative pole of the life.Why did I chose this territory?I should ask this myself and I realize it's only me who has the the answer yet it's beyond thought to explain.I've made the wrong choice.This is not me.the real me is hidden somewhere else.somewhere beyond my reach.how am I gonna get myself back.I mean the old me.The truth is the old me has gone.It was like only one Avada Kedabra spell needed to vanish it.Then,poof! it's gone.

I should thank my best friend, Nadia for injecting the serum of consciousness for how far I've not being me throughout the years of knowing me.She's the one who light up the warning bulbs whenever I'm off the track.it's undeniable that truth hurts.it's an ugly beast which most people fear of.They don't have the guts to meet him until it crashes them hard right into their sluggish mind.I'm glad that I got true friends whose always there for me.I have Alia who never gets bored listening me telling the whole lots problems to her.She's my personal counselor.She won't stop motivating me.She's right.I should move on with my life.even if I can't forgive,I must forget and let all things to go away.Wish it to never come back.I have no reason to live with my pasts.they were just nostalgia.Whenever I have something which kinda screws my life up,I will always go to them.They are a great listeners! I owe you guys a lot yet I have nothing to repay you guys.Thanking is not good enough.lame,in fact.it's just a plain word uttered without a whole honesty.I suppose only God knows how to repay you.I really appreciate it.

I wish I could be Harry Potter so that I can grant anything you guys wish as a payback ;) I can learn some spells and make your wishes into realities hehe.But then I'm just a mere human being with full of sickness and weakness spots.Nevertheless,both of you will always be my sweet best friends forever.No, I'm not kidding.I'm a loyal friend.I don't mind what people might say when they see me being friends with the girls.Screw them.Honestly,I'd prefer girls to become my best pals.Of course I have some guy best friends as well.Right Zack,Edan,Aiman and Abe(Arif)?

Let's move on and start everything all over again.It's not too late and it's always ain't.God always open up His door of chance for his humble servant who open up their heart to change and I think I'm lucky to have this golden chance.Fortunate enough for me to be given this wake up call.Well I need to use it well.Haha.

I think that's enough, I won't write any further as long as you get my idea. Let's drink and drive or ride or whatever haha.I'm done with sermon I guess.haha.


  1. tanx babe..btw,i feel relieve nw 4 u 2 gt mving on..jz 2 rmember,dun let others cntrol us bt let the experience of whtever tat wre hppenned as signs in growing up. it doesnt mtter wht v faced bt life is all bout choice.be brave to choose n choose wisely.whenever u lost ur track,jz rmember tat there are a lot of signboards(friends) there 4 u 2 ask the true direction n InsyaAllah,u wil reach ur dstination in a blink of eye.trust me^^

  2. you're welcome.you're right.sooner or later i'll still have to move on with my life.its just a matter of time but i chose this moment.i should have realize it though.i mean earlier.anyways thanks again.i'm grateful to have a friend like you.