21 December 2010

Scrabbling Thoughts

Here comes a delivery straight from the heart of misery.I have nothing to write actually.none.my mind is blank filled with loopholes waiting for some random thoughts to find their way out.Let's start writing some stuff then.

(...............hold on,what I was gonna do just now?lol)

Oh yeah,I'm gonna scrabble some thoughts into words.

Holidays gonna end soon.very soon.I got around two weeks left before I start my new days in college.I really miss piles of assignments,mounting of works to do in just one night.These whole thing define me as a student.I'm not doing anything at home after all.

Since life is fucking boring at home,all I could do is stuck in front of my notebook as longer as I can.Heck,I don't have any friends here nearby.I'd rather spend my time online than going out and have a pep talk or whatsoever with people I don't really know.Wish Nani was here in Malaysia so that I could go to her place and have a long talk with her ;(.I'm a stranger here but thank God,the torture will finally over.I'm going back to KL soon;in the mean of tomorrow!Whatever.

Let's get straight.I did an online personality test few days back.I don't know why but I really love to discover who I really am cos I can't seem to know myself,yet.Well certain parts of it.The result showed that I'm a verbal or linguistic type of person.Here's some extract of it so that you could immerse well of what I meant:
People with Linguistic intelligence love and are talented with words. They enjoy reading, writing and learning languages. They have an ability to teach and explain things to others. They learn best by reading, taking notes and going to lectures.
This is who I am.I'm not really surprised with it though.I'm glad that I took TESL as my major.Clearly,I'm on the right track.hell yeah!

You can go here if you insist to know yours.


  1. me too!!
    holiday has just started yet i'm already bored.
    stuck in my flat,alone with nothing to do.

  2. i know.
    i'm rotting in boredom-hell.
    gosh help me!
    happy holidays btw ;)