15 December 2010

Alter Ego Unearthed

Hello peeps, how are ya? Duhh.. Sounds so lame isnt? Lol.

................... (its been few minutes, i don't know what to write, lol)

Okay,here's the thing.I spend most of my time like 24 hours a day on net cos I've got nothing else during this freaking boring holidays.Of cos Face-to-the-book is a must logged in website daily.Seriously,it's like I can't live without this freakishly addictive social network platform. I gotta admit that I don't really make connection with the people on my friend list.Most of the time I go online, I would check out my notifications (if there any lol) and just read some crappy statuses wrote by them then I would lost on cyberspace.Thus,I will just start clicking Home repeatedly once I've got nothing to do haha.Oh come on, admit it,you did the same thing as well right?Come on,don't be shy with me haha.

Okay stop this shit out of facebook now.I'm gonna write about something else actually.Still related to facebook haha.Okay, just like I mentioned just now,I didn't make much connection with people online so I did something else.something else in the mean of once I totally get bored with it.Facebook is stuffed with bunch of applications like quizzes and all (you know the lists) cos they know we would end up doing nothing at last. I did a lot of quizzes stuff.So,here's the story.I happened to answer one quiz regarding personality and I got an outstanding result out of it.I'm not saying that I solely believe it yet I can't deny any of it.Right,let's get to the point.The most highlighted personality of my life is the quiz says that I'm an outgoing.So yeah peeps I'm and outgoing guy.Get to know me first if you don't believe it.There's more of it.I'll start penning it down now.

Fun to be with.Well,I'm not trying to be boastful but most of my friends admitted this.Maybe due to my non-stop talking mouth?lol.
Secretive.Sorry guys my personal life is my top secret which I kept shut in the closet.Just love me for who I am not for who I was. 
Difficult to fathom and to be understood.Am I? Maybe for certain parts of my life I guess. 
Quiet unless excited or tensed.This is real.I'm really quiet to someone I'm not really closed to but once you know me you'll feel like you wanna patch a plaster on my talkative mouth haha.  
Takes pride in oneself.Of cos I am! Who else will gonna take it if I ain't?  
Has reputation. This is my priority baby.I need people to recognise me as 'someone' but of cos I'm not portraying someone else.Just see me as being me.One thing for sure,bad perceptions ain't ruin my reputation.
Easily consoled.Yes I'm consolable.Not to brag but I really am.My fiery anger is easy to be melted. Honest.I'm honest with you once you're honest with me.Take friendship for instance.If someone happens to know that I talked or wrote something bad about him or her,they must had done something to me.I need honest friends.Not just to toy me around like I'm a naive guy and you're a puppeteer.Don't ever mention that I'm a backstabber from your filthy mouth!
Concerned about people's feelings.I think I did write something on temper tantrum and how I felt about someone who toyed me.Okay,yes I care about the feeling of people all around me.No,I'm not afraid to come clean with you whenever I fucked up with you.Feeling is what I care about and I don't really make fuss about things happened in my life. 
Friendly.Yes and No.So,yeah that's it.  
Approachable.Really?lol.actually yeah.I'm easy to get along with people around me.Be friends with me,of cos I won't bite haha.  
Emotional temperamental... and unpredict...able.I can't comment on this.For the emotional temperamental,yeah I indeed am.but unpredictable?really?people who know me might noticed this.I don't know.maybe yes.
Moody and easily hurt. I gotta say yes for this.I'm both moody and easily hurt.My family knows how moody I am.For hurt thingy,stick and stone will break my bone but words will not hurt can't really fit me well. 
Not revengeful.Vengeance is the last thing that I would keep in my life.I don't even know to avenge people actually.I'll let karma do it for me cos I know it's good in payback.   
Forgiving but never forgets.I might wholeheartedly forgive you but once you've done something to me but I'll never forget till my last breath.enough said. 
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things.Who likes this kind of stuff anyway.I don't bother and save any space for crappy thing in my head.I couldn't care less. 
Sensitive and forms impressions carefully.Capricornians are born to be sensitive.I don't judge people on the first impressions by the way cos I know it would turn our me making a wrong assumptions.I don't make much impressions,actually.  
Caring and loving.Do I need to say more?lmao
Treats others equally.Why should I treat people unequally?You tell me. 
Strong sense of sympathy. Everyone has this notion in their life.Only it's just either strong or weak.am I right?
Judges people through observations.This is indeed true.I don't easily jump into a conclusion.I'm a quite observant.  
Hardworking.I don't know which part of it has it haha. 
No difficulties in studying.Why is that so huh? I wonder haha. 

This quiz might only showed the good side of me but heck who will foolishly reveal their darkest secrets right on the other sight of them.But wait do I have any dark secret?let me think first.Okay I think that's enough.I don't ask anyone to believe what are written above.Just believe what do you want about me.I know once you know the story about someone,your eyes will begin to look differently. 

I'm signing off.Bye.


  1. facebook quizzes are interesting... at times.

    you might be interested in the MBTI, myers briggs type indicator. imho, it's the most comprehensive/detailed, distinct, "accurate" (for lack of a better word) personality test ever.


    i myself am an intp.

  2. yeah.they are..
    oh i'll check out this test.
    thanks for sharing mai ;)