13 January 2011

Hi Dik,Boleh Cakap Bahasa Melayu Tak?

All hail Malaysia.HAHA

Before I start writing further,let me be clear with all of you that this is gonna be an offensive post for some people.Do accept my advance apology haha.Wait why do I even apologize since this is my blog.Obviously,I have the full authority of it.This is yet another insignificant update where people won't waste their time to argue or attach any strings about it.Hell this blog belongs to me so I can do anything I want people!

Actually I wanna talk about something which distracts my academic career line the most.To be exact a compulsory subject which I have to take for a couple of semesters for my undergrad studies.This subject is clearly not required for a local English major student like me.It's not like I'm gonna pursue my bachelor years of studies in any foreign lands like the UK or Aussie.Wonder what the hell the subject is? It's called Bahasa Melayu Komunikatif! Frankly,I hate this subject.It's the most fucking boring subject which I have to learn for 2 hellish hours in a week (in the afternoon for that matter).

But please,don't get me wrong.It's not that I'm forgetting my own root as a Malay born guy whatsoever.I'm proud to be a Malay.No kidding.It's my identity as a citizen in this country.I can speak standard Malay language really fluent though I'm a Kelantanese born stud cos I know some of them might not be able to speak it fluently as we still can hear some Kelantanese slang when they utter the words.No offense! I used to be in this circle once back then when I started to speak like they say; "cakap KL". Now,even some of my best friends are still confused of where I came from when I start to utter the dialect.Alana once thought that I was from Johore!LOL.

That's not the point here.Let's get back on the track.Let's talk about the subject again.The motive.Shit I see no reason for us to learn this unnecessary subject and worse to sit for the exam.What the fuck man.Though I'm majoring in a foreign subject in the college,obviously I still know who I am.None other a true MALAY.Oh come on, if their intention of offering the subject is just to make sure that we can speak a proper Malay in the future,then screw it!Fuck off.What?do they expect us to go and have a chat with a king or queen in this country?I bet they don't even use a proper Malay while talking among themselves.

As I look the course proforma,the listed topics are just crappy.Lame indeed.Ah damn it! Why do I have learn this subject.Tell you this,I'd rather spending my two hours learning a subject which I hate well the most or let say least favorable;Maths.At least I can still work my brain off during the class.Or perhaps the other subject like Pendidikan Sivik stuff like the school kids are learning.Seriously I would pick this paper if I were given a choice.Let me make it clear,it's not only me who hates this stupid subject.I have talked to some of my friends here and guess what?Most of them hates this subject too!What a wasted two hours of learning.We won't get anything by learning this subject since we ain't even pay attention while the lecturer was teaching.What I did was,I slept throughout the class.Freaking bored.

The point is this subject is not worth learning.Easy.

I think that's enough.Make sure you get my points or else you won't get anything haha.Now.let's start speaking or write or eat or anything you want haha


  1. I guess you could see my alter ego haha

  2. hurmmm i also dislike this subject. and i am totally disappointed cause my degree got no more eng as my minor subject. so basically my major is still PS, but minor PJ AND BM. screw it up! yet i have to obey la sbb dah nama pon IB! so kena obey lah. :(

    p/s : sir i***t is quite boring ok.

  3. johorean.???
    hell yeah..!
    HAHA..and some said i'm from nogori..!
    after diz,do 'cakap kl' with me..HAHAH..
    btw,LIKE THIS..!

  4. dilla>no one would ever like it.poor you.IB is getting more crappy and awful.they are torturing u guys from the inside.where will u guys go without english?screw IB!
    there was nothing I did than sleeping during his class.he's a bore.
    mira>that's for malay lang. like for english,they thought I used to stay abroad cos they said I have some kind of accent while speaking haha.funny enough.
    huh?there's no way I would do that.haha.