10 January 2011


Wonder why I put that kind of title for my post this time?First,let me teach you how to say the word.it's inter-national-lying.Find the meaning on your own if you want but of course you won't find any haha.Fine,let's cut the crap cos it doesn't have any significance of it anyway.The thing is I'm gonna talk about my, well, so called new phase of life under a new canvas.Nay,it's not really that new.Just new.Oh my God what am I trying to say huh?lol. Right,I am now officially an undergraduate student in college.First year for that matter.Should I tell you of how good being an undergraduate student is?Should I?Sorry, I'm too lazy to write about it haha.

Like I have mentioned in a few of my previous posts before,I was gonna transferred into a new college.So here I am,in the new English-niche school.They say changes are great but what is so great about change? No, you tell me.So far I haven't feel anything about it.Whenever I bump into my friends in my former college,they would ask this; "hey how's your life in the new place?" then I was like,"fuck what should I answer them?I don't have any satisfying answer for that,really.I would just tell them that life has been treating me good in a new place.Well I got new friends,new learning environment etc.But, the truth is, I still can't adapt myself in this school yet.I still have difficulty to sleep,pretty awkward in class (particularly with girls)still thinking of my friends in my former college so on and so forth (ain't this sounds sentimental? lol)

Let's move to academic business.For this first semester I have 7 subjects to learn.I repeat,7.I got two core subjects and the other five are just electives,sort of.Here's the list of subjects and some brief explanation of it:

-Literature in English.Shakespeare stuff.You know that.
-Introduction to Linguistic.Language thingy.Hell I couldn't catch any points during lecture.
-Child Education.I need to learn about kids since I'm a primary teacher-to-be
-Philosophy of Malaysia Education.Let's talk about rubbish haha
-Tamadun Islam dan Asia Tenggara.Back to basic.History stuff.
-Bahasa Melayu Komunikatif-This is the worst.No offense but this is what I feel about it.They are trying to Malaysian-ize us so that we won't be "too English".Lame.
-Pengurusan Kokurikulum.I like the lecturer.This is just a light subject though.We gotta learn how to handle kids outside the classroom.Simple eh?

Hold on,did I mention where I am studying now?I mean, my college's name? This is the name; International Language Teacher Training Institute aka Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa. International much?Well I guess so.

Before I sign off I just realized that my life is getting hectic with piles of works to come.Lectures and tutorials of course.I wonder how should I equip myself to race against the others.No I think I should not do anything about it haha.Let it be.Hell yeah.

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