15 January 2011

When Someone Hits You From The First Sight

Love happens to everyone.Now it's crashing me hard through my rib.The crush hits me hard straight through the heart.But this is the most bizarre case you would have ever known cos I'm liking someone whom I never talked to so far since I'm still new in her friendship circle.I tried hard to find any comfy things which we can talk bout but hell it'll just end up my tongue tied hard between my teeth.Silly me,I'm too afraid to approach this girl cos I'm afraid that she might not like me.Well I realize that I'm not a good looking guy who will make every girl melt down once I pass by.No,I'm not in that category.I got too many flaws.This is bad man.How long can I keep hiding this feeling towards her?

I couldn't find any better way to approach her.When can I gather all my courage that I have to confront her? Not telling her of how I feel about her but I just wanna crack the nutshell.I wanna get to know her really well first.But shit,I didn't even have the balls to do that.I'm screwed up.I guess only time will tell and clearly if I snooze I will definitely lose.Simple enough.

Let's just hope I can assemble all the guts I own to go to her and tell how much I like this girl.

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