27 February 2011

Words Worth a Thousand Meaning

 Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong and your friends are right. It just means that you value your friendship more than your ego.
 No further explanation required.

24 February 2011

Words From a Friend

 To borrow from a friend's beautiful words:
We often assume that our friends are not true friends,but have we ever ask ourselves,are we true friends?
Got this from his status posted on Facebook.To whom it's been expressed and pointed to remains a one million dollar question which will stay become out of my concern.This quote has really get me going.Such a thoughtful utterance which came straight from the heart.I can't say I'm not agree with his words.It's indeed true.But I'm not gonna elaborate it based on his views since I can't read his mind.Instead I will become the novice speaker to give my own words on this quotation.

I have no right to comment on his thought and I don't even intend to do that after all.I'm not gonna offend anyone as well. His words alarmed me something which I never realized before.I mean are really people assume their friends as true friends and false friends? How do we know they are true and they ain't? I never thought there's some kind of category in friendship.Hmm.

22 February 2011

Just a Pamphlet

Attach no strings over something insignificant.This is gonna be the subject matter of my post this time.I think I haven't wrote anything regarding my friendship circle for quite sometime though.So it's the time to let out what's hidden under my pants.There's a question to ponder.How do you view friendship? I mean how do you define friends.I don't need people to look it up in dictionary.Gimme the answer straight from your heart.

Friendship has its own language.Something abstract.I don't view my friendship language as words but I picture it as meanings.Talking to some random people in public won't make you their friends.Sincerity is the key of everything.An insincere friend and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body,but an evil friend will wound your mind.I trust my friends with my own life.I'm a type of person who won't make a fuss or attach a string with my friends over something which is not worth to argue for.I'll try my best not to offend everyone around me.I think deeply before uttering any words to avoid it becoming an issue.I care about their feeling and for sure I'm hoping for the same thing.

15 February 2011

The Reason

How should I start this? Give me some time to think okay? I need some kind of bombastic words to write this.*looking up the words in the dictionary*lol.Right this is lame.No extraordinary words required here but I just couldn't find the right way to kick off my writing.Asking for your health and all that stuff is just too lame.I don't do that thing.Well enough with this paragraph and let's get started to the real issue.

....Still asking myself how to start this..(it has been 10 minutes or so).Yeah yeah I will start now.

Hmm as much as I love being single there's no denying that somehow I'm longing for someone special to be by my side.BUT that someone is still a question which I can barely give an accurate answer.I don't know who can really unlock my heart chest to make the door wide open to make me fall in love.I'm still waiting for the right person who has the golden key of my heart.You gotta to know that I have my own reason why I'm still not in a relationship though I'm crushing hard on so many people for so many times.I'm a loser in love but always telling people about love. Good in motivating but not in practicing.

12 February 2011

Fitting Into the Right Size

I've been emotionally unstable lately.I brood over something insignificant and started to tense up on silly stuff.I don't know what is fucking wrong with me.I'm contented.Stuffing my mind up with bad thoughts and all.Everything all around me is wrong.Sometimes I feel that I'm not being rational over myself.I keep swearing under my breath all the time.

The intention of writing this is to let all my thoughts to flow out. I'm sick of bearing this thing. Being tossed in a new place; a new college is not a good thing for me. I cant still fit myself into this canvas. In fact, I loathe this place.

The truth is I'm lonely here. Like a wandering sinned soul who has not been blessed by God. I'm all alone. I do have friends here,a great ones indeed but it seems that it's not easy for me to hop into their friendship circle. They already have their close friends. Who am I to fit myself into their social box. I'm no one here. They may see that I'm loud outspoken guy from the outside but I just temporarily don that filthy feeling cloth. Deep inside I'm crying and bleeding. Sorrow comes invading uninvited. I'm not ashamed to confess that I always have an emotional talk with my mom. I keep crying whenever I call her. Sometimes I feel that this burden is too much to bear.

10 February 2011

Hot Hunks Hiatus

This is a delayed post which I was supposed to publish this last week since I still couldn't get the photos from *ehem2* our new photographer,Faris cos I haven't posted anything regarding my awesome single life for quite some time.So this time I'll include bunch of photos for public viewing haha.Basically it was all started random.I happened to went back to my hometown during the Chinese new year holiday cos my brother insisted me to tag along.I just wanted to kill my boredom during that day.So I called Hazman telling him that I was coming to his place to chill around.
I drove all the way from my place which took me for about one hour and a half.I came separately with Edan.Then we fetched Faris at his grandparents' place.My first plan was I wanted to rejuvenate myself at some waterfall but it didn't happened cos Hazman didn't know the way to that spot ;(

So we decided to go to a place called Pantai Bukit Kluang and Pantai Air Tawar or whatever it's called.The point is it's a beach alright? Datang sana sekadar nak lepak dan bukan mandi manda.It was such a breathtaking beach.


Tiada aktiviti lain yang dilakukan kecuali menangkap gambar selagi kamera mampu menampungnya haha.I don't wanna write a lengthy essay so I'll just paste some photos of that day.

The triplets

We were high this time HAHA

Lastly Hazman brought us to a mee soup stall which has been said that the mee soup is extra delicious so we gave it a shot.Well it was undeniably tasty.Sangat sodap.No wonder people there love it so much.Plus,it was freaking cheap.RM3 for a bowl of mee.I ate the mee till the last bit.Wanna see it?Never mind,malas nak upload.

Yeah that was it.a fun hiatus.though it was just a short one I still had a great day with them.

Let's face it.I'm not good at writing narration stuff.factual is more fun.

08 February 2011

Spare Your Time

Think about what I'm gonna write. "The undergraduate society is a misguided society. Undergraduates should study hard,get a degree,so that we can get a good job and makes lots of money. Speak your mother tongue whenever possible,for if not we will lose our identiy. Do not raise or discuss sensitive issues,or later the whole nation will erupt into chaos and everyone will start killing each other. Do not criticize goverment policies,if not you are anti establishment. One shoul ask,is this guidance or misguidance? It's a question of statement where the answer is assumption."
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Beautiful Lyrics

All time favorite song.It really means something to me.Something which I can't even explain but it's linked to my life or perhaps everyone else too. The lyric is just beautiful.

07 February 2011

First Attempt

I just downloaded blogger-droid which is an application that allows me to blog on the go! Let say I see a couple is snogging in front of me then I can blog it on the spot.I can make it a latest blast like gossip girl does haha.of course the photo of the ugly scene will be included as a solid prove haha.Sue me cos I don't have any better example to give lol.

So this is my first attempt blogging via my android.it's really cool.you should try it some time.

Jadi apa lagi belilah android bagi menjamin keseronokan hidup tanpa had hahaha
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01 February 2011

On the Verge of Metamorphosis

Hey folks! Wait let me check, it’s been one hell of century that I didn’t sign for a new entry after my last period of animate existence. Currently, I’m trying my best to keep the ups and downs at certain range.So here we go, a very fast writing.

I do have things to write. I always do but it's hard to make focus right now. I'll be keeping on this crap just to make you guys know that I'm still living, lol. So, what's the material for today? You tell me yeah! Geez it's not that easy to blog, I need something to mood altering myself. I don't know how to tell but it's not easy.

Now,let's start writing.Think,think,think! ( about 5 minutes passed). Okay, I'll be random this time.Actually I wanna write about my progress of learning.To be exact as a college student.The last time I count, college was heavenly pleasurable.There was no shitty things like I need to stress up for studies,and all those atmosphere.But, that was last years.Pre-Degree years.