10 February 2011

Hot Hunks Hiatus

This is a delayed post which I was supposed to publish this last week since I still couldn't get the photos from *ehem2* our new photographer,Faris cos I haven't posted anything regarding my awesome single life for quite some time.So this time I'll include bunch of photos for public viewing haha.Basically it was all started random.I happened to went back to my hometown during the Chinese new year holiday cos my brother insisted me to tag along.I just wanted to kill my boredom during that day.So I called Hazman telling him that I was coming to his place to chill around.
I drove all the way from my place which took me for about one hour and a half.I came separately with Edan.Then we fetched Faris at his grandparents' place.My first plan was I wanted to rejuvenate myself at some waterfall but it didn't happened cos Hazman didn't know the way to that spot ;(

So we decided to go to a place called Pantai Bukit Kluang and Pantai Air Tawar or whatever it's called.The point is it's a beach alright? Datang sana sekadar nak lepak dan bukan mandi manda.It was such a breathtaking beach.


Tiada aktiviti lain yang dilakukan kecuali menangkap gambar selagi kamera mampu menampungnya haha.I don't wanna write a lengthy essay so I'll just paste some photos of that day.

The triplets

We were high this time HAHA

Lastly Hazman brought us to a mee soup stall which has been said that the mee soup is extra delicious so we gave it a shot.Well it was undeniably tasty.Sangat sodap.No wonder people there love it so much.Plus,it was freaking cheap.RM3 for a bowl of mee.I ate the mee till the last bit.Wanna see it?Never mind,malas nak upload.

Yeah that was it.a fun hiatus.though it was just a short one I still had a great day with them.

Let's face it.I'm not good at writing narration stuff.factual is more fun.

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