22 February 2011

Just a Pamphlet

Attach no strings over something insignificant.This is gonna be the subject matter of my post this time.I think I haven't wrote anything regarding my friendship circle for quite sometime though.So it's the time to let out what's hidden under my pants.There's a question to ponder.How do you view friendship? I mean how do you define friends.I don't need people to look it up in dictionary.Gimme the answer straight from your heart.

Friendship has its own language.Something abstract.I don't view my friendship language as words but I picture it as meanings.Talking to some random people in public won't make you their friends.Sincerity is the key of everything.An insincere friend and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body,but an evil friend will wound your mind.I trust my friends with my own life.I'm a type of person who won't make a fuss or attach a string with my friends over something which is not worth to argue for.I'll try my best not to offend everyone around me.I think deeply before uttering any words to avoid it becoming an issue.I care about their feeling and for sure I'm hoping for the same thing.

I have a heart;a fragile one.I really feel disappointed with my friends if it's just only me who cares much about their feeling but they don't bother mine.who am I to them? a puppet while they are a puppeteer?Sometimes I realize that I'm too naive.How stupid I am to have someone who doesn't even value me as a friend.I'm just something which they only use me whenever they need me and toss me in a trash when I've reached my expiry date of their usage. Now I can view who is friend and who's not right in front of my eyes.I'm 20 guys.I'm matured enough to value this.

The point here is,don't easily gets emotional if I unintentionally do something wrong particularly something insignificant which only kids who will only make a fuss of it,not some 20-year-old guys or older.Grow up okay? I am no saint.I make mistakes without even being alarmed.To all my friends out there,I would like to apologize to you guys with heartfelt if I've done something uneasy to you.I'm not perfect.I can't run from making mistakes. I don't wanna make enemies,seriously.

This is something not worth to read.Just some random tiny thoughts burst out of my mind.I don't intend to offend anyone after all.Ah I'm gonna stop now.that's enough.nothing more to be expressed into words.Let's celebrate your true friends and forget who aren't.Cheers!

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