01 February 2011

On the Verge of Metamorphosis

Hey folks! Wait let me check, it’s been one hell of century that I didn’t sign for a new entry after my last period of animate existence. Currently, I’m trying my best to keep the ups and downs at certain range.So here we go, a very fast writing.

I do have things to write. I always do but it's hard to make focus right now. I'll be keeping on this crap just to make you guys know that I'm still living, lol. So, what's the material for today? You tell me yeah! Geez it's not that easy to blog, I need something to mood altering myself. I don't know how to tell but it's not easy.

Now,let's start writing.Think,think,think! ( about 5 minutes passed). Okay, I'll be random this time.Actually I wanna write about my progress of learning.To be exact as a college student.The last time I count, college was heavenly pleasurable.There was no shitty things like I need to stress up for studies,and all those atmosphere.But, that was last years.Pre-Degree years.

Now everything has changed,not drastically but it does.Being an undergrad student is differ from being a foundation one.Too much different I would say.The changes are just simple.I gotta alter my study habits where I can no longer procrastinate in doing my works.Piles of workloads come everyday.Notes,tutorials, etc.I need to be prepared for tomorrow's lecture and all.Otherwise, I will just stranded somewhere else.I must read some stuff so that I can get the idea of the coming lectures.

Hell peeps don't say that I'm a bookworm or study-freak.Hell no! This ain't me.Seriously no.It's just a requirement (eh?) or a responsible of a student.The truth is it's my own choice whether I wanna be in this phase of change or not.So I chose.It's for my own sake though.To be a better me.I'm tired of snoozing the alarm.I decided to focus more on my study.Not to mention play more as well lol.It got to be balanced isn't it? I need both healthy mind and body.

I'm out of words already.Can't write no more.The point is I'm turning into a new leaf.Not the whole me but on academic aspect.So long people.Till we meet again.

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