15 February 2011

The Reason

How should I start this? Give me some time to think okay? I need some kind of bombastic words to write this.*looking up the words in the dictionary*lol.Right this is lame.No extraordinary words required here but I just couldn't find the right way to kick off my writing.Asking for your health and all that stuff is just too lame.I don't do that thing.Well enough with this paragraph and let's get started to the real issue.

....Still asking myself how to start this..(it has been 10 minutes or so).Yeah yeah I will start now.

Hmm as much as I love being single there's no denying that somehow I'm longing for someone special to be by my side.BUT that someone is still a question which I can barely give an accurate answer.I don't know who can really unlock my heart chest to make the door wide open to make me fall in love.I'm still waiting for the right person who has the golden key of my heart.You gotta to know that I have my own reason why I'm still not in a relationship though I'm crushing hard on so many people for so many times.I'm a loser in love but always telling people about love. Good in motivating but not in practicing.

:Fear of being rejected
I'm really scared of this.That's why I'm too afraid to approach a girl I like.there's too many assumptions in my head.I can't seem to get rid of this fear and it's too hard to be bruised off,in fact.Say that I'm a coward and boo me as you want but this is who I am.a dumb who's too afraid to confess his love to a girl who eventually making him losing the girl to someone else.pathetic dumb ass!

If you look at any of my photos,who do you think will fall to this ugly beast.You tell me.I realize who I am.I ain't no hot stuff which will make the girls' eyes can't stop marching on my look.I'm not the type of guy whose a girl will fall for.I bet not even one girl around me ever have a crush on me.Well there's nothing really I can do about that.

A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart.If you get I meant here it's just that I'm not in this kind of category.I swear that I don't do tongue twist to the girls cos I don't have a heart to and I don't even know how actually.I don't like to play around with someone's feeling.I believe in karma.Once you do something to someone,eventually the karma will return to you along with the payback.I'm not a sweet talker.I really am not,really.I won't make a girl fall for my words but I want her to wholeheartedly fall in love with me instead.Sounds impossible but I believe it will happen to me.I know some guys who can make a girl fall in love just from his lovey dovey words.He can just do it by texting the girl.Utter some his bombastic words then miracle happens! Honestly, I hate this kind motherfuckers who don't even know to care a girl's feeling.I'm sorry if some of you feel offended of what I have said.I write what I want.

I think that's enough.I don't feel like writing any longer.As long as you get my point then I'd be happy for that haha.There's too many reasons to write actually but let me keep them hidden in the closet in the mean time.I don't feel like sharing 'em to anyone yet.

Bye bye people!


  1. do not worry.......ur match would be with you...it doesnt matter ur first love is a success, but wheter ur last love really works and becomes a success, thats what matters..so stay strong buddy...

    Ur princess will be there 4u on the right time!

  2. thanks a lot for this thoughtful words!
    really appreciate it.yeah I'm still waiting for my princess to come and knock at my heart chest.
    you're right first love indeed doesn't matter much