24 February 2011

Words From a Friend

 To borrow from a friend's beautiful words:
We often assume that our friends are not true friends,but have we ever ask ourselves,are we true friends?
Got this from his status posted on Facebook.To whom it's been expressed and pointed to remains a one million dollar question which will stay become out of my concern.This quote has really get me going.Such a thoughtful utterance which came straight from the heart.I can't say I'm not agree with his words.It's indeed true.But I'm not gonna elaborate it based on his views since I can't read his mind.Instead I will become the novice speaker to give my own words on this quotation.

I have no right to comment on his thought and I don't even intend to do that after all.I'm not gonna offend anyone as well. His words alarmed me something which I never realized before.I mean are really people assume their friends as true friends and false friends? How do we know they are true and they ain't? I never thought there's some kind of category in friendship.Hmm.

Now I'll drive you to my point of view by referring to his words.For me,in friendship there's no such thing as true friends or otherwise.Friends are just friends.How can I classify my friends according to this aspect? How to value them?In my life I only have friends and best friends.These two are real FRIENDS.If there really false friends,they can't be called friends actually.They are a cancerous symptoms to our hearts.Just don't find someone like this if there are really so called false friends around you.

Apparently I seem to know what true friend is but what about this so called non-genuine friend? I'm eager to know though.Who knows I might be in this circle too.I can't be perfect in everyone's eyes.Some of my own friends might label me as a false friend too.I insist to know the traits.Tell me.The words demand me to question myself; am I being true to my friends?But how? As far as I know I'm grateful to have them in my life I trust them with own life.That's why I only have friends and best friends but not so called true and false friends.Period!

I wish I could find the definition of false friend in any dictionary to satisfy myself.I hope I won't be neither true nor false friend.I just wanna be a friend to everyone.

Ah whatever.I'm gonna stop rambling.This thing gets me nowhere.As long as you get what I'm trying to say then,that's good enough. Remember this guys,love the friendship as an appreciation not loving your friend as a person. Because you don't want the situation gets ugly and uncomfortable, do you?
One more thing,friendship doesn't count miles it's measured by the heart.

I quote this from someone called friend.neither true nor false.just friend.

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